World War 3


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  1. Tom Skilling says:

    you sound stoned

  2. Tom Skilling says:

    you are one freak show

  3. alexa massie says:

    hey ass hole for your information im not stones. and i didnt do this to be a singer listen to the fucking lyrics for once and not how the person sounds. and by the way if you cant say anything fucking nice then shut the fuck up you stupid prick

  4. Tom Skilling says:

    you do have beautiful eyes

  5. alexa massie says:

    thanx but you do realize you have already pissed me off. and if my
    research is correct and u are who you say you are then you wouldn't even know the type of music i am writing for cuz just some old creep

  6. alexa massie says:

    and if u wanna comment at least listen to my other songs first my best one is called fallen from grace

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