World War 3


Saints! And people of the world. get ready for the ride of your life. The time is hear and they are pushing very hard! The KING is COMING!


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  1. @PastorDowell I have food stored, and a gun, so far. I still plan on doing more. 

  2. Nelly305ful says:

    You can have food stored or whatever if your not apart of the elect and the 144,000 your going to Die anyways.

  3. Some interesting thoughts…people are beginning to become concerned about…everything that's going down!

  4. JejuLee says:

    Maybe it was a subconscious assessment of reality (the real value of a gallon of gas): what would you charge to push 3 tons of F150 twenty miles using your own two feet–assuming it could be done… 

  5. Pig fat can make you oil for your vehicles

  6. Hopefully I'm worthy and on the other side I can run up to you and say, "Hya, Pastor, I was that wakeup guy who kept buggin ya on the net!! Nice to meetcha finally."

  7. @jjn931

    Wth are you talking about? Are you high on drugs? I'm just asking, because that's something i'd say when i'm high.

  8. Ian Brewster says:

    Good message.

    I'm the same i was thinking about a new car my Land Rover as high mileage now, looking at a new 1 but petrol prices smash it right now and i need a large car 

  9. 8701gg says:

    @PasterDowell thanks brother for the truth, all glory goes to the most high power, shalom

  10. Diane DEE says:

    Satan and his minions the GreatWhore of Babylon which is the minions (free masonry) etc runs the UN Trade commission basically the nwo is the beast system getting ready for the Anti Christ to come first. 

  11. seanzoz says:

    @PastorDowell just put an annotation there that says I meant barrel. I knew that's what you meant but a lot of people on youtube are younger and don't even know how it's traded etc.

  12. PhreeX says:

    The time is hear or the time is here? lol… 

  13. @Nelly305ful What are you talking about? Even the very elect though out the whole bible have to do the same thing as what thgis pastor is telling us. Look at Noah for example and Joseph and Moses and so on …Noah still have to perpared to built the ask b/c the Lord put it in his mind when the LORD told Noah what is about to happen. same with Joseph andMoses as well..

  14. @Nelly305ful Not if you turn to YHWH 

  15. Nelly305ful says:

    @judahlove6009 Thats not the Most High name an the Hebrew

  16. emanxavier says:

    ESAU … is … FINISHED !

  17. Mr2wings says:

    Buy a horse and a saddle instead of a another vehicle.

  18. jenmin100 says:

    halo do well, why r they looking north? should they b looking south?…. halo jen #5

  19. Lucky Henry says:

    Pastor dowell you never mentioned any solutions! How can you change the situation pastor dowell!!

  20. Lucky Henry says:

    what are you waiting for?

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