World War 3 A Foregone Conclusion?


This video has been censored by YouTube. It’s not available any more on Snordelhans channel. Uploaded here with permission from Snordelhans. More videos …


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  1. Simple. This video was produced and uploaded on YouTube by Snordelhans. (user/Snordelhans). But later it was deleted by YouTube because of "break of community guidelines /rules" bullshit. A lot of videos were deleted from his channel, not only this one. Now, I re-upload this video on my channel. That's it.

  2. There is no way YouTube to delete a video completely and forever. Just NOT possible. A lot of people can just constantly re-upload it under different names on their channels. That what's happened with this video. And yes, it was censored by YouTube on original Snordelhans channel. Same as many David Duke videos were censored. Or the whole NufffRespect channel….

  3. hey man thanks for the upload I was disappointed that Youtube completely wiped out snordelhans videos, so thank you for this video of his great work.

  4. Mike Johnson says:

    i was wondering why i couldn't find it

  5. anyone knows name of the song from second part of the video?

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