WORLD WAR 3 ALERT start!!! is Donald Trump Leading The U.S To WW3


WORLD WAR 3 ALERT start!!! Donald Trump Leading The U.S To WW3.


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  1. Goreanlady says:

    he is trying to prevent Ww3

  2. suz g says:

    Amazing Trump gets elected and he will be the cause of WWIII. In the meantime, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria under Obama's watch don't seem to be anything but skirmishes for Obama worshipers, while real people died.
    Trump has already talked to Putin, and things are being taken care of. Clinton's self enrichment non Profit Organization has funded Isis through Saudi Arabia through her pay to play arrangements. Think maybe Trump knows how to fix that little trade agreement?
    Russia isn't the enemy, it is one of the few countries left in the world where Christians are not killed all the day long. Check it out. No, what Americans won't admit, is the enemy has been inside the camp for sometime. Trump just changed her location, and took the power out of her sell out Americans for a dollar scheme.

  3. Nah just the cry babies on the left exaggerating things again and telling lies, Trump just saved western civilisation!

  4. Myglowplug says:

    man you are wasting your time pushing this bullshit #1 get a FUCKING life. #2 learn to speak clearly #3 fuck off ??TRUMP ??

  5. InsaAllah the first die is Donald Trump Ameen

  6. What the fuck are you saying. Stop mumbling, you fucking imbecile. Anyway, news update retard, America is now back at defcon 5, thanks to Trump winning.

  7. jonmas83 says:

    Get hooked on phonix before you make a hour long video , I've heard babbling brooks make more sense than you.

  8. cristero987 says:

    Bueno Pues.   Admiro . . . Demasiado, como y cuanto quiere Trump a su País, pero . . .  no así, nosotros los MEXICANOS      Y SIIIIIIII,   estoy hablando del País de Trump,   poco nos falta para Desterrar absolutamente a toda su barbarie,     acaso, no nos hemos dado cuenta que su Territorio ya es de NOSOTROS, sin los MEXICANOS, EUA, simple y sencillamente, no esta. Perdón.   Pero un MEXICANO Mas.

  9. Sam Suleiman says:

    your an idiot the Israelites are the children of Jacob who is the son of Isaac who is the brother of ismaiel the father of the muslims who praise Abraham 5 times a day in their prayers

  10. Sam Suleiman says:

    the Jews and the muslims are first cousins they both are the children of abrahem

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