World War 3 Alert U S Navy’s new $20 billion WEAPON will dominate the South China Sea



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  1. reporting for repulsive content

  2. Glory Lilies says:

    Here again that bitch is downloading old videos from 2015 which is obviously NOT her work but she simply steal others video. All her videos are obviously outdated and she download them. What a thief. I invite everyone to unsubscribe from her channel which just bring confusion on what we are now. She can't even do a video from her search but simply steal others.

  3. 1000♥φιλία Πόλα ΕΛ – ΡΟΣ……

  4. Thank you for sharing your awesome!

  5. Too bad the Philippines are allied to china now…

  6. Wow for a country with a debt of trillion of dollars you have the gift of finding billion and billion of dollars to start a war….nice going America

  7. Excellent propaganda film…

  8. Who put this porn video here?
    Fucking your own world now..

  9. According to the Bible's ancient prophecy – the end is near
    Luck 12:5, 1 Samuel 2:10, John 16:33, Isaiah 41:10, Rev 17:10

  10. Silly Putty says:

    Here we go again, the fear mongering,disinformation whatever you want to call it is out in full force. It's time for change and accountability,which will happen, but only with rational thought and calm.We can make the change!!and we don't need our guns to accomplish this?

  11. no name says:

    this is old as fck it came out like 2weeks ago half your videos are reposts from other ppl

  12. Toby Slave says:

    we're all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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