World War 3-Armageddon Differences | Endtime Ministries with Irvin Baxter




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  1. Would you guys consider using pictures, power point, graphs, etc in your presentations? It's hard to watch one person sit and talk for an hour without a real change in the visual presentation during that time frame.

  2. I'm getting confused about this. If I vote for the wrong person and we're brought into a world government, isn't that because it was prophesied? Isn't the time for these prophecies to be fulfilled already set? Wouldn't the same thing happen no matter who I voted for? What I mean is, can my vote actually delay a prophecy for a period of time? And, is that what we want?

  3. Sabin Acle says:

    You need powder on your forehead

  4. whats going on with endtime ministries? i watch Irvin on tv and theres nothing but re-runs. who r u? r u Irvins son?

  5. I don't want ANY prophecies delayed. I want Jesus to come and get me as soon as possible. What are you people thinking?

  6. This guy just rambles on and never really proves anything… Wouldn't it be easier to ask God himself about these things? I'm sure God knows what's going on.. Jesus said in Matthew 24. Beware of doomsday deceivers.

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