World War 3 (Battle of Israel)


The world is at war and the Allies are losing . The Holy Islamic empire now turns his attention to Israel , the last remaining free nation in the region . Israel has to fight …


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  1. Total BS. RT is so lame.

  2. This video is full of bullshit. Nukes would have destroyed the HIE right at the start.

  3. So the Jews will fighting bunch of zombies and not Muslims????

  4. Aipac B.S in full swing

  5. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru once said "War begin in the minds of Men". Jews always think they are the chosen people of God.
    At some point in history, Jews and Arabs (especially the Saudis) had common ancestry. The Arabs are the long lost brothers
    of Israel. In fact Christ always said God has always chosen each human being in his own image. Love thy neighbour as thyself in his powerful teaching. Gandhi adopted this. It is high time Arabs and Jews followed this principle. The world would be thus saved from extinction.

  6. you speak about the Moslems having a "hegemony"
    but it's the USA who is the most hegemonistic country in the world;
    you got things backwards.

  7. the Samson option would be activated long before this could happen. as well the tactical nukes would be used before they got so close to the border. Israel needs no help. G-d will gather the enemies against Israel together I agree but then destroy them it could be 500million it's just that many more enemies that will meet there fate against the apple of G-ds eye. lol nice fantasy video though I put it up there with Pinocchio haha.

  8. CrowJack says:

    Israel would have used nukes way before these people came to their borders.

  9. CrowJack says:

    If you mass an army close to Israel it will get nuked!

  10. CrowJack says:

    this vid is way off

  11. Paul Ryan says:

    Peacekeeper 76 ; Thank you for the video. Hope it will wake up some people; how close the Middle East is to war with Israel. Psalm 83 and Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 of the bible speak of 2 wars starting by enemies of Israel attacking that country. But as in all the wars since 1948 , Israel will still be there after these wars. Your video is excellent in that it shows the utter destruction of cities with the latest weapons of war.

  12. Mr Paul Ryan you seem to present Jesus as some kind of war Lord. Jesus is and has been the messenger of peace.
    Stop potraying Israel as the only promised land. The entire earth is the promised land of God. There is enough room for
    everyone the Jews as well as others(I would refrain from using the term Gentile)

  13. Zamir Raza says:

    Nobody respects you're power….people respect Americas power….otherwise you'd be stamped out like cockroaches…self delusional fools….as if God would choose such evil creatures and moneylenders

  14. Mark Hard says:

    so fare Arabs have not fought well as they fight for dictators i don't see this changing. this while thing ignores israel air force lol they would be dropping bombs like crazy, where is the air war? most this war would be tech based and Israel is fare fare ahead, they would have 1000s of drones hitting back they have so many weapons you don't even know about lol this video is made like how people fought years ago would not happen

  15. Zamir Raza says:

    Giva….you are a son of a sow……and its God who will cleanse the earth not me. Khazzar

  16. We Palestinians can't get water or meds but you zionazis have time and joy making up fairy tales while you commit genocide FUCKING BABY KILLERS ZIONAZIS

  17. dreski3404 says:

    These ppl are Russian and Polish converts they are not the real people of the land of Isreal. The real people were shipped over sea to be put in bondage The African American you see on a daily basis is the real people if you knew the bible and actually read it well its extremely clear, these people in Isreal are not Isrealites because if you knew history and how borders changed people moved its clear as day. Also not all blacks were brought from Africa the real people that was here before spain commited genocide on them were of a dark complextion with wolly hair hmmm you understand now racism in America is nothing new but more as a design

  18. wolf wolfson says:

    tell the mother fucker to read the bible b 4 he get that shit on youtube

  19. Ido Golan says:

    Where is the IAF in that story?
    where are the 1 ton bombs obliterating the enemy… where is the jordan river blocking the enemy from the east the golan heights from the north and desert from the south…
    Israel is well defended and will not fall we will not retreat to American soil we will fight until the end…
    and if you ask me the first A Bomb will fall much earlier…

  20. Hesham Ali says:

    you have few lies in this vid

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