World War 3 (Battle of Taiwan)


The world is on the brink of a war . China calls Taiwan accepts its control over their country , but refuses . Eight countries including the United States , India , Australia , …


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  1. 不知道 says:

    Taiwan is an unseparate part of China. 

  2. RedGryyn says:

    Looks like your videos are starting to come true, the Chinese are asserting their control over the skies over the South China Seas, ordering U.S. Surveillance planes to leave immediately 8 times, this happened today according to the news.

  3. RedGryyn says:

    Dear Peacekeeper76,
    in the news today the PLAN has said that China is expanding their navy, to focus on open seas protection, warning of their maritime rights. Looks like your videos are yet again, becoming prophetic.

  4. Nice video, I subbed you will you sub me back? =)

  5. i think taiwan and JAPAN can win china, IAM SURE

  6. WHY DONT HAVE EMPIRE OF JAPAN, YOU THINK JAPAN DONT HAVE WAR WITH CHINKS ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Craig Smith says:

    +Peacekeeper76 Great thumbnail. Love it. So this is a book?

  8. Was würden wir dann machen außer Sanktionen?- Sicher gar nichts

  9. guy smiley says:

    This might actually happen with Obama as president.

  10. 中国人不是随便让别人拿来当枪使得!我们可以不出兵台湾就算台湾宣布独立!中国人的版图不是靠战争得来的,而是中华文化!如果靠战争世界上早就没有中国人了!台湾和大陆已经同文化了!还有什么可担心的!如果要打我就往死打日本!为什么?因为这是共产党团结全民转移危机最好的借口!

  11. sir next you make is the china vs philippines

  12. 江立零 says:


  13. Yan zen says:

    Taiwan and China=New Republic of China.

  14. Yan zen says:

    Taiwan official name=Republic of China,not Republic of Taiwan….such a stupid mistake

  15. lol where are all the chinese ships blowing up? LMAO you cant catch them allies sleeping. these videos are made by someone who hates NATO.

  16. Clone Wu says:

    Taiwan need help by USA.


  18. Xiaolong Sun says:

    This is bullshit, America won't sacrifice its soldiers for Taiwan lol

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