WORLD WAR 3 – Battlefield 5 Multiplayer 2016 (BF5)


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  1. after battlefield 5 I think it'll just go to shit

  2. Jabari_99 says:

    WWIII OR WWII would be great

  3. its guna be drones i think the drone in last stand is a give away

  4. nigel woods says:

    Don't go backwards don't go futuristic but go forward ^^

  5. You could call BF4 ore BF3 for that matter World War 3. If Dice make just a nother mordern shooter, I don't think I will buy it. Its time to go back to the battlefield roots with is WW2.

  6. Blade says:

    I want a setting in 1980s

  7. Blade says:

    or like middle East era

  8. bf3 bf 4 were ww3 allready…

  9. EMROXRealm says:

    Better netcode would be nice…

  10. Slayer 91 says:

    senthing? = thinking

  11. Do you think DICE should do 3 different game modes, world war 2, modern warfare, and futuristic warfare, all with different campaigns' and multiplayer? That would be sick!

  12. Do you think DICE should do 3 different game modes, world war 2, modern warfare, and futuristic warfare, all with different campaigns' and multiplayer? That would be sick!

  13. jt33396 says:

    I agree that games kinda feel disconnected because there isn't believable situations, and I lose that immersion to the game, but I feel that the events of Battlefield 3-4 basically are World War 3. We can only fight as Russia, China, and the US, but basically any war that includes all three of them is going to be big, especially if theyre facing each other. The games don't go this far into detail, but there are alliances that exist in reality that's not in 3 or 4. If Russia nuked France and tried to nuke New York like in BF3 (Russia was framed but it broke out in war anyways), every NATO country would be hounding Russia. IN BF3 and 4, all the factions are invading each other as well. The US invading Mainland China and the South China Sea ( China Rising DLC,  Naval Strike DLC, Paracel Storm Vanilla map) as well as North Korea ( Dragon's Teeth DLC). Russia and the Gulf of Oman and France after it was nuked (second assault). Basically this was your WW3 game bro. Its going to 2143

  14. technically… modern day shooters are ww3 look at battlefield 4 china united states russia confusion between all 3. and if your thinking realistic those superpowers have alies meaning what? ww3..

  15. Simon Noton says:

    Should be set in the gulf war early 90s. Then release 4 dlc packs ww2, Vietnam, 2143 basically by the end of year one everybody has the game they want and if it could have bf4 net code it would be great. I personally would pay £40 for premium as well as the purchase price for this exact game

  16. I'd love the game (bf5) to be based in Afghanistan like a team of terrorists/Taliban's and a group of American AND British soldiers where it isn't total mayhem like bf4, where American and British soldiers could go on patrol and randomly fall into a firefight against the terrorists/Taliban. The main weapons could be the main infantry weaponry, British can use the l85a2 and I think America use the m4 different classes could be infantryman, paratroopers, you could unlock special forces like the SAS and Delta Force. snipers can be a class, I'd love the game to be like this.

  17. all you kids these days want nothing but futuristic shit.

  18. I think you mean world
    War 1

  19. I know this isnt going to happen but i think a Vietnam era game would be cool

  20. Alertasassin says:

    Did u hear EA confirmed 2 games will be coming out this year

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