World War 3 Begins Now! Cortex Command WW3 Campaign Part 1 | Neos Plays


World War 3 has begun, and it’s Neos against the world! Zombies, mechs, and space Nazis galore! Let the battle for survival begin! Mods Used: United Kingdom …


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  1. You know you can move the things

  2. So you could get the location behind the start

  3. It wasnt space nazis… it was the mecha japanese…

  4. Me at the beginning of the video: Space Nazis'!!!!! and I'm like ITS JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Your gonna die horribly…SO GOOD LUCK

  6. Suit One says:

    Do they still update this game? I got it two years ago, and realized they un-broke it.

  7. Vangjo Pula says:

    has there been any new updates for the game?

  8. probably a question you have answered multiple times, but what are the specs of the computer you use? thanks in advance and on a side note you are awesome!

  9. PhoenixFires says:

    Apparently Neos doesn't know the Japanese flag.

  10. PhoenixFires says:

    Just scan it later. What advantage could doing it instantly have when you can't see constructions? Plus look at the actual names instead of screaming "I'm confusing myself!" And also the spot that you were looking for was where your cursor was pointed…

  11. the first fight was vs japanese troops

  12. Cinque Smith says:

    what have you done

  13. dude stop those videos with 3 world war

  14. i mean the siries with world war 2 i dont like old wars .-.

  15. MrCrasherdog says:

    I know this is old.. but… ITS FUCKING MECHA JAPAN

  16. DinoCadet says:

    You should have put your guys at least one better than normal, not unfair but 🙂 Looks good :)

  17. Zeta Omega says:

    What I do.

    Starts campaign.

    Goes into a battle.

    Thinks strategically but cheap.

    Uses drop ship to hit enemy drop ship.

    Feels happy.

    Drop ship piece hits my brain.

  18. Neos, what is your opinion on RTS games? How amusing do you find them?

  19. Alomoes says:

    They threw 7100 gold at that battle, you took 4000.

  20. suomiukko100 says:

    ww3 that is not on earth? k

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