World War 3 Black Gold Gameplay


This is game play of World War 3 Black gold.


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  1. najlepsza gra w jaką grałem. nawet seria cod-a mnie tak nie wciągneła.

  2. MrDanialZAB says:

    can i download this game from any site. I used to play it once but now I don't have it anymore. It is one of the best Games. Tell me where can i download this from

  3. liod27 says:

    @MrDanialZAB try the Youtube video to the right which says World War III: Black Gold – PC (with download link)

  4. omg when i was in 2nd grade playing this half the time i had no idea what he was talking about, now im in 10th grade and the first thing imma gonna do is download it. THX SO MUCH

  5. liod27 says:

    @NYY02NYY13 Your welcome =)

  6. I bought this one day in second grade, I ripped off the product code somehow though and I never got to play it

  7. @bbvproductions same here! i miss that game a ton

  8. stefiilasca says:

    i start to play this game 4 years ago….and now i'm the best player in the world:)

  9. vlad emanuel says:

    Check the other games from the same company they are in the same timeline. After this is Earth 2140, then Earth 2150 and culminated with Earth 2060

  10. trainfan4449 says:

    so i aint no good then

  11. NDNA BSE says:

    steam's intro looks like a next gen game with grafic like bfbc2 and thats the real maximum dtails? rly???

  12. It's an old game.

    Red Alert 3 is also pretty good, but you don't see it on the actual gameplay too. 

  13. DJaimful says:

    i went here 2 see the only game that isnt sugested for my pc 2 run ( alienware aurora) LOL

  14. Zsavage1 says:

    I can't get this…  I sold my ATARI 2600  years ago…  :(

  15. does any of you guys play multiplayer?

  16. This game should have been named "Earth 2020".

  17. Mac Jones says:

    Looks like a rushed pre-knockoff of Command and Conquer Generals….. no offence.

  18. Tom Jim says:

    Borign ! Horrible graphics. It looks like you're playing an old SNES game. Well, the prize on Steam say it all. It is $0.64

  19. Gio. says:

    nice skill lama <3

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