World War 3 – Britain – Syria Preplanned – New Documentary – US – Russia – UN – False Flag


– 7 countries in 5 years – Iraq , Syria , Lebanon , Libya , Somalia , Sudan and Iran ( decision 2007 ) Obama and Cameron the driving force. . . Now I’m …


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  1. 5196ROCKYNY says:

    Just expose Muhammad for the False-Prophet that he is and all will be well.

    Islam is NOT a religion.

    Islam is a CULT!

  2. 5196ROCKYNY says:

    >>>Muhammed is a False Prophet.

    And because Muhammad was a PROVEN False Prophet is why I say Islam is NOT a religion. To me Islam is merely a cult.

  3. I just hope this war dosen't start
    because then me and my brother and my cousin will be forced to join it

    I'm sort of worried for my life

  4. Agreed !!

    Its always been. Whoever starts the war will loose it.
    The us armies need time like we had in WW2
    time has always been our key to wining.

  5. Recondog90 says:

    nothing will survive.

  6. Brian sou says:

    9: 32: alqaeda is the foreign legion of USrael: its no accident the
    'war on terror' spreads terrorists: thats its purpose

  7. lonb00 says:

    EXACTLY what makes you think "people" or savages are gonna allow you to do anything?!?! You will be in a concentration camp son! Along with your entire family. Resistance will be futile. Why? Because you talking about farming and not arming! Good to know you'll have all the chickens, fruits and fish. We'll be by to collect that shit! lol

  8. Andrew E says:

    partisan. Opinion.

  9. Pat Leary says:

    Both the Brits and Yanks should get hopefully whats coming to them the sooner someone topples 1 or both of use hopefully both 🙂 the better the world will be. Use all should be on death sentences for the mass murder use have caused and probably RAPE!!! wouldn't cross my mind with you scum. Anyway fingers crossed and will be cheering for every soldier or Brit or Yank that is killed…………

  10. L6915 says:

    Yeah, it's not an excellent video is it Mr Rex? The Queen has very little input into the birthday honours list, or anything else these days. She is a figurehead, she has no political power. The song accompanying your tepid video sounds like an Irish protest song, if so, in text-speak, WTF? The fight against the NWO is important, but is not helped by fools like you with a separate agenda i.e republicanism.

  11. PEREXUSREX says:

    The queen of England has a great deal of power and she is the richest ( and greediest) woman in the world . . . she keeps her power hidden . . .

  12. Pls watch garth428 rapture-parade video and watch parade "Lightning strikes at University vs. Boone high school football game" on utube. I JUST HAD A DREAM FEW DAYS AGO SHOWING SEPTEMBER 29 –A FOOTBALL EVENT. AT FIRST, I DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE THAT IT’S FROM THE LORD. TRUE ENOUGH THERE’S A SEPT. 29, 2013 NFL FIRST TIME INTERNATIONAL EVENT THAT WILL BE HELD IN UK, “Vikings and Steelers to play at Wembley on September 29, 2013” TRUTH BE TOLD -SEPTEMBER RAPTURE! JESUS IS COMING! God Bless!

  13. nam1263 says:

    russia did not invade afghanistan in 1979 but soviet union (ussr) did.

  14. hypocrites will pay a heavy price

  15. Shushannah says:

    Interesting. I enjoyed the cartoon to the song, "Good-bye to the Crown." Very true! Funny, I disliked Obama when at the beginning of his first term he was disrespectful to the crown. Now that I've learned the queen's role in the NWO, I dislike him even more. I think Obama is basically a "yes" man now; before, he was showing his TRUE feelings – not so much towards the crown as towards the English populace. He hates you guys as much as he hates Americans! We're all from the same seed, I guess.

  16. PEREXUSREX says:

    Yes he does, he's a real dipshit isn't he

  17. lee young says:

    Muslims have been killing Muslims for thousands of years we didn't cause syria Boko Haram in Africa look at all the refugees on the move from syria what are we suposed to do leave them to kill and kill each other and have half the middle east heading for Europe or o we go in an make this place safe for the innocent people?end of the day Russia and China are Syria's allies so why don't they take the migrants why don't they go in and make the place safe why always us?we're dammed if w o an we are dammed if we dont,gotta remember a lot of british and American people have gave there lives to protect people thousands of miles from home

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