World War 3 Build Up & Islamic Russian Alliance – Syria 2011


Quran has already warned of this alliance , it can also lead to build towards anticipated World War 3 , and coming in the future to clarify this …


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  1. MegaMartize says:

    In the Quran, Allah says not to take the Jews and Christians as allies.

  2. Daniel says:

    if thats what the Quran says then the Quran was created after the jewdaisem… which means that the jewish were first in israel

  3. MegaMartize says:

    It's doesn't matter who was there first. What matters is who obeys God. Doesn't the Torah say to execute the homosexuals and adulterers? Yes. Leviticus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 22:22.

    But in Israel it's legal to have sex with the same gender, and to commit adultery. Israel has put the laws of men over the laws of God. It's actually the Muslims who still practice the laws of God.

    The torah says "Cursed is the man who does not uphold the words of this law by carrying them out."

  4. TheVhc says:

    black ops music on the back?

  5. TheOwnerofthedeath = mossad agent
    He has multiple accounts and thumb up his own comments! He doesn't want the Muslims and Russians to unite!

  6. its funny cause the orthodox hate muslims

  7. Sally 1001 says:

    Omg omg where is the evidence

  8. Amazigh073 says:

    The Imam was wrong I think. He supported Syria and its alliance with Russia. But when the terror of Assad begun, by killing Muslims. Was this Imam still supporting Syria?

  9. Amazigh073 says:

    He was talking about the Sura where it is said that Rome will fall. It was not about the Western Roman Empire because it was already destroyed. The Sura was talking about Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) and its capital Constantinople.

  10. The holocaust was created in the Jewish community by the Zionist Jews who were created by the Rothchilds = world bankers.
    Solution = inform all , stock up on bullets and food , stop paying taxes as much as possible. = starve the beast . then kill the beast. May as well go down fighting.
    Thats why they hate our 2nd amendment and call the Tea party Terrorists when the Zionist world bankers are the true TERRORISTS.

  11. This just reminds me, on bible…
    all enemies of Israel along with Russia will invade Israel. But all of them end up with humiliating defeat. isn't?

  12. Each one of these countries could wipe out the Middle East now using unconventional means.

  13. Yes, this is what most Christian scholars believe. The koran seems to be supernaturally inspired (by the devil) but as polar opposite to the Bible. The Mahdi seems to be the Christian Antichrist, the Muslim Jesus will be the Christian false prophet and the Dijjal will be the real return of Jesus. In the end Christians win but not before the tribulation when the Mahdi beheads those who will not convert to Islam.

  14. all waar iss deerteee;y

  15. It's funny because the Bible says "if thy neighbour believe in Sabbath you shalt kill them"

  16. Soorkh says:

    I don't know what to believe anymore. I'm getting more and more confused. 

  17. Truth Seeker says:

    Recently Russia made alliance with Egypt, Russian President Putin sign arms deals and offer few of them as a gift to the president of egypt, you can check on google news, America is against that…

  18. SALEM ALI says:

    I'm a very literate muslim and what this man is talking about is absolutely wrong.
    I read the Quran everyday and nothing mentioned about that.

    However, the reason why I love my religion while it seems to you a terror ideology nowadays due to media war against it, because every single word in Quran is peace and very fair social justice as well as the angelic human behaviour call to make people live with pure soles. But Islams' enemies intentionally wanted to distort and destroy it including some of illiterate muslims as you all see in this video up there.
    What ever they do and what ever they want, we know whats written in the book and we understand it well. At the end of the day, and at the day of judgement god WILL sort them out they and the disbelievers and every single creature in this universe. all we need to do is to believe and worship. As god says in the Quran: "they see the day indeed as a far-off event, but we see it quite near"

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