World War 3 : China and Russia conduct joint Peace Mission 2013 Anti Terror Drills (Aug 12, 2013)


News : Russia – China to conduct military exercises …


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  1. Sim Neej says:

    I've watched many US, Israel, UK, France, SK, and Japan military exercises. US and western fighter jets are very fast at take offs, but US military exercises on the grounds are little match for Chinese and Russians. US will most likely go in lines, close to each other, leaning on walls, going into homes, one by one, and one after the other. When the US soldiers are hit, they don't know how to fight alone or how to regroup after they split. If they regroup, they'll get hit and easily taken out.

  2. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

  3. Honey Pie says:

    The Bear is gearing up to fight the leopard!

  4. Irina Cross says:

    China and Russia will get terrorists to right place – the grave.

  5. Morozov97 says:

    Oh will you people stop arguing about who is superior, NATO or SCO/ODKB? Eventually it will all come down to wiping out and looting another African or Mid Eastern nation through either some Al Qaeda/Taliban insurgency("revolution" for some) or through brute force.The Big Boys will never fire a bullet on each other.If they want to settle their differences they go to the UN, bitch about each other, sanction(highly unlikely) each other, and then let their media scream about human rights violations.

  6. Luke Thomas says:

    Maybe because the US and the EU have been constantly at WAR?

  7. Pswizz0 says:

    Russia & China Combine will be a tough opponent for the US being so that the US has never fought a formidable army since the Worldwars & the Cold war. China has strength in numbers formed with Russia will be a strong army. But no one understands how superior the US military is, we have drones, stealth bombers & im telling you now the US has a top secret weapon under their sleeve that their just waiting to reveal. Ww3 will happen & im not holding my breath but to say the US is doom is out right

  8. You're going to lose big time if you engage, McDonalds!

  9. I feel guilty , all the made in china products I was forced to buy because there wasn't anything made in USA . I help contribute to Chinas Military buildup . Now what ? Buy a good made in china rifle just incase they invade ? Good for 100 rds then throw away

  10. Don't you think the other side does as well? I mean in the chance this happens, you only think the US would have the only Top Secret weapons, Drones, Missiles etc. The other country's may obviously have as highly advanced, or more advanced than the US. But you never know.

  11. china alone hav unlimited manpower, cmbne wit russia.n US and nato, are committing suicide.

  12. halftrack485 says:

    I really doubt anyone would really invade the USA. Terrorist attacks are imminent. But really an actual invasion like Hollywood depicts, no sir. Americans might argue, fight, and have years of drama, but if you do anything against us and you're foreign, watch out buddy. We have millions of people and 100 times more guns and ammo. We will stand strong and never back down. I can bet you on that!!!

  13. Who are the Terrorist but Those who OPPOSE TRUE FREEDOM FOR ALL PEOPLES and not for a select FEW WHO RUN THE WORLD. This is part of the Military Industrial Complex which all Enemies have went to Jordan to select their Weapons of Mass Terrorist Destruction, i.e., YOU, ME, US ALL who do not agree to THE WARS WHICH GOV/CORP/RCC System is RUNNING since even before World War I…

  14. Last time i checked Russia sunk a chinese cargo ship….i doubt china gonna be russia ally.

  15. eleezy1989 says:

    WHY don't u just say it to those AMERICAN IDIOTS in MID-EAST THOUGH? LOL

  16. More likely it will explode in your face.

  17. Why would America take them head on now. They've already begun the soft-kill strategy of opening McDonalds franchises in these countries.

  18. End of all arguments We spend more money on military than all armies combine training and actual experience(Iraq Afghanistan ) I would bet on us vs whole Asia

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