WORLD WAR 3 china v japan


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  1. beckyholt says:

    Let's see China v Japan, mmmmmmmm. My money is on China. They deserve some payback for the past abuses by the Japs. Only those who can't do without their Sony or Hitachi music systems will miss them & possibly those who want a Toyota. They are a cruel people to the very core and some rightful justice is due. Good luck to China. Let them see how it is to have their heads set on fire for fun. Of course they would go down in history as the only nation to be nuked 3 times by 2 different foes.


  3. My advice to president obama,the japanese are the most treacherous people on earth,its even worst than a wildest animal which can be trained to obey the laws,you dosn't believed just watch the many documentary film in youtube! President obama you are still young and doesn't understand the -psycic of the japanese peaole

  4. Japan is our ally and the Chinese are thief's that copy any and everything. The Japanese are good fighters as are the Germans we are better lol. My money would be on Japan in a war with China they don't know how to give up.

  5. Dib4ma says:

    if you do so. your kids will get no good education, medicine, job, and life. they will probly die on some "preventive" war waged by israel. in a large scale nuclear war all humanity will lose, there will be no winner.

  6. Paul Jones says:

    china will win… if there is no US.

  7. tyjghjghhh says:

    you will lose your money.

    oh wait, YOU have NO MONEY! ahahhaa ROFL!

  8. You know your history and your heart is in the right place.

  9. I wish Obama studied history as much as you have.

  10. numlk sysrq says:

    i want japan to become a super power in asia not chinese

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