World War 3 CINEMATIC Simulation


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  1. Ahsen Ali says:

    Russia, China both are more powerful then west

  2. American soldiers arent incompetent

  3. World in Conflict cut scenes lol

  4. we can not have the ww3, or nuke war end. people have no idea what a nuke war is, it will be the end, not just to man kind but to all life on EARTH. TH

  5. . says:

    holy fuck this is old.

  6. coco jono says:

    World In Conflict?

  7. randy march says:

    we are the fastest species that are going to be extinct and we are taking the whole world with us

  8. I Hope That Never Happens Or Else We Will All Be Fucked -_- !

  9. the world operates in cucles we have been at this cycle before so to speak, the only problem is with our history being suppressed by the powers that be for their own aims at power and control we can never learn from our mistakes. i can assure you man is millions of years old, just when we think we know our true origins another civilazation pops up somewhere else..  when religion ends maybe we have a chance to get along

  10. Cuando empieze la tercera guerra mundial me avisan

  11. And after ww3 we all die. Good job humanity ??

  12. Jack Chang says:

    Make love, not war.

  13. BLU Scout says:

    6 fucking years since this guy uploaded… 6 FUCKING YEARS!

  14. Kenneth Chou says:

    Americans using tanks and shit to retake fucking Burger King.

  15. Artur Velten says:

    Best simulation I have seen so far…


  17. this gonna be the last world war the world will get destroy after this shit my teacher told me the world gonna end right this year and i know that because America Vs Russia the world best armies has declared they gonna fight each other and the shitest thing about this is they gonna bombed other country like canada,greenland,malaysia,indonesia (where'd i lived),australia and etc

    P.S are they gonna do nuclear war? if yes well we all gonna die thanks to America&Russia

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