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  1. No approval from Assad = Turkey is INVADING Syria. Like the third Reich, Turkey will be cut into pieces by Russia and the West to create a GREATER ISRAEL. Including safezones (slave – zones) where all the so called 'refugees' now wandering through Europe will be situated.

  2. gene546 says:

    Russia is a total part of the New world Order. Western people, pretend seeing in Putin a new Knight who would rise against the evil of this world, and defend us. Yeas, according to many people he is a new freedom fighter, and with all his mighty would defeat the evil ones. B.S. This guy is part of the "controlled media."

  3. Bjorn Feketi says:

    Most Americans suffer from the Normalcy Bias and herd mentality. Novus Ordo Seclorum.

  4. Russia is in on it… Turkey would never have dared unless the ruskis gave them the green light.

  5. Cherry pie says:

    yep ethnic cleansing that's exactly what Turkey are doing, that's what the coup was all about…

  6. I wonder what'll happen if the Mosul Dam collapses in the cross-fire (btw I know it's in Iraq, no comment necessary on this). Now we have Russia, Turkey and Iran getting closer and closer to Israel. Ezekiel is just around the corner…

  7. Nazleen Naz says:

    Waiting Millitery Turkey Attack To Bashar Asad Regime Human Civillian Killing..

    Syiah believe killing Baby.. Women.. Older.. And Surrender person is HALAL killing them In The World..

  8. Theo Viel says:

    every time satans army is coming after you garry ,they are so low and have no brains nothing…just trolling ,they have no life nothing .

  9. Theo Viel says:

    the ottman wants the oil again ,money money that is all what this air doggy wants

  10. shareofhonor says:

    The Turks, Russians, Syrians and Iranians all have the same destination.  ISRAEL.

  11. OK let it be WW3 now, today but just after I finish my Pizza OK? thanks

  12. ÖE. Öce says:

    Radical? No, they were supported by the moderate FSA that the US also supports

  13. Turkish ''Dictator'' Lol people watch this POS channel

  14. Why do you lie? This invasion is not the same as previously anticipated. Turkey is more on the side of Russia than with with the NATO despite it's being part of NATO. In the beginning. Putin and Assad did say something against it, but now, all three have come to an understanding. Turkey has no intention of toppling Assad. Turkey did not invade Syria. Turkey invaded kurds and other terrorist groups in Syria that are trying to destroy Turkey. Don't you have any conscience about lying and misleading your viewers. Despite what you hear from the sources, you do know the truth.

  15. It seems the Prophecy of Orthodox Greek Priest Elder Paisios is coming to pass…soon ww3…Turkey will be destroyed as a nation …and that's just the start of WW3,can u imagine.???

  16. Drexxler 1 says:

    Yes tensions are very high, worst then they were during the height of the Cold War; however, I do sincerely doubt that anyone will launch a nuclear weapon or start an apocalypse absent a catalizing event or a deranged leader. Either way if it happens I hope it happens soon.

  17. Austin Mini says:

    i don't think putin will let turdogan attack assads troops, though i think its the kurds they are after not their brothers ISIS.

  18. Truthseeker says:

    how could the middle east make cowards in America into fighting machines? You just want to make videos capitalizing on the end of days. Chicken Little.

  19. Vic Longdong says:

    we have to look at what iran will do, are they massing troops near northern iraq border area for a armoured drive across iraq into turkey or syria together with airstrikes on turkish invading forces, shit this is scary.

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