World War 3 coming soon


World War 3 coming soon . The question is, who begins to bomb first . As the United States funds the destruction of Syria its weakening the alliance between Iran and …


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  1. Doug Owen says:

    WW3 eh? Wow, I've heard predictions about WW3 since WW2 ended.

  2. Doug Owen says:

    Best way to start WW3…..? Convince everyone that it's about to happen. (which is what you're doing right here.)

  3. Why? Is it because he stands for his people fighting against these outsiders claiming to be syrians funded by the zionists? Is it because he refuse to be part of the new world order? What is it?

  4. ih8momjokes1 says:

    The american PEOPLE have the faith of the world in their hands. This is the point where you shit your self.

  5. ih8momjokes1 says:

    ww3. is the end of humanity. even the country with the most nukes will be nuked. so what happens? not that. you cannot possibly think they are so stupid to think of ww3. the media shows you what they think of the subject while YOU form your own thoughts and respond accordingly. like mind control. the media knows you fall for this hence you are incapable of thinking for yourselves. your brain was trained to fall back on the media for all information. FIX yourself!

  6. "World War 3" – coming soon to theatres all across the world

  7. Who still pays any attention to Obama? Hats off to Ron Paul. And about WW3? It is not in our future. Yet radiation is.

  8. if there ever is a WW3 the USA is going to die financially and die as a whole. It cannot hold on anymore. The USA is eating itself…

  9. This world is corrupt. I think a WW3 is needed. I hate to say it. Hell, there is enough war going on, you might as well say its began already.

  10. Support Syria and you support the free world. Look at whos interviewing Assad,dirty Jew bitch.

  11. Randy Scott says:

                                      There will be no way for mankind to survive without the truth.
                                            We MUST face the truth about Life to survive.
                                                      If you understand how serious it is,
                                                                Google: TruthContest

  12. abc  butt hurt western butt hurt , suck it USA elite scum

  13. UN have never bein indepanted,its control by a sygopats leaders and okult satanist

  14. obama is full of shit!!!!

  15. thanks bro for doing this if everyone had knowledge and good intentions all of this will end so lets all share the knowledge and hopefully the good intentions will appear.

  16. kalatapie says:

    I think that world war 3 would simply not happen. afterall, nobody is as stupid as to start a global thermonuclear war because of some religious extremist idiots killing eachother and swarming europe with refugees! Not even the USA. Russia literally annexed a part of ukraine which resulted in a war killing dozens of thousands and what happened? sanctions happened. Crimea was worth 5% of the Russian GDP for the next five years. the US brought Alaska from russia for a higher price. The US are bombing innocents in the poorer countries but do not even dare to touch the true warmongering dictationships like Russia, North Korea, etc. Seriously, i havent seen a worse foreign policy in all my life.

  17. impeach Obama and overthrow all the corrupt government officials and banking and corrupt ceo's world wide they are all part of the political bullshit. over throw them kill them so we can all actually live in peace. if we would just take all our resource's we put towards war and killing each other ,and put it towards solving issues like world hunger and cancer then we all would live alot happier lives without so much dam hate in this world. one would think that mankind has evolved more than thinking that God is real and we need to kill eàch other over a book that a man wrote. I guess all their parents forgot to tell them that God was fake when they told them Santa and the toothfairy were fake. idiots just wasting their lives on something fake.

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