World War 3 – David Icke Right Again, What He Said a Decade Ago

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  1. Celtic Saint says:

    Full steam ahead with the repopulation and race replacement in Europe according to Merkel. If anyone had any doubts about their agenda, surely they MUST see what is happening now.

  2. lily blossom says:

    well in the usa they just passed a bill a few weeks ago to draft women into the military 18 to whatever the cut off will be…i really do think they are planning a major war. david is on the money with this. sadly, i don't have hope of people waking the fock up in time. just look at this election. still seeing sheep running towards the political bullshat of trump vs hillary acting as if their vote matters. acting as if things will really change for their betterment. too many asleep people who want to be ruled.

  3. BobbyUK1979 says:

    Did David Ike say this 10 years ago or is he relaying something that happened 10 years ago?

    I did a casual check on the internet after David Ike mentions the changing role of traffic wardens in the UK because it did seem a bit far fetched. Then this BBC article surfaced:



    That slipped under my radar, I still call them all traffic wardens.

    I reckon Teresa May has got a good chance of preparing us for World War III. She's already spent millions on Trident and then said, without hesitation, she would waste people with nuclear weaponry if needed…and the world is worried about Donald Trump, lol.

  4. WW3 is ALREADY upon us !!!
    We may not be fighting on the Battlefields, no. Our Cities have become The "New" Battlefields of Terrorism and mayhem. It's so
    Much easier to Cause Chaos in today's world as weapons ARE so much easier to obtain now. Remember this, Weapons do NOT create fear, it IS fear that creates Weapons. Remove GREED from the Hearts of men, and there will be NO need for Armies. One day in the future, men WILL learn to Share, then War WILL be eliminated, and
    As a Species, We WILL evolve into what We were always Destined to
    be. Peace and love to ALL Sentient Beings, Everywhere ! Wm xxx

  5. David why do you never tell people about the coming grand solar minimum and mini ice age? – major food shortages underway, massive civil unrest, riots, martial law and world war, it's all happening simultaneously in order for the population to decrease because the elites are afraid of the masses turning against them – now they need to do their eonly ritual cleansing. Wake up people we're all being screwed big time…

  6. dipojones says:

    This really makes you question if the people in charge are humans. No sane human with a conscience still intact, can do what these evil people do.

  7. Djay Barker says:

    Dumb as a rock a soldier is#?

  8. This video is obviously older than 2008, and anyone who is smart enough simply should not participate in a war decide, there is never a winner in normal people, shit wars, fuck the evil people

  9. So basically what he is trying to say is that those 'blue blood' and their servants have been draining western civilisation so much to a point where there is a wide scale civil unrest and a world war 3 that will be declared on the cattle.

  10. how to prevent ww3? refuse to join any military force and don't let anyone else join either even if you have to stop them by force those willing to join, brand anyone who still joins or sides with them as a traitor to mankind. elite/bloodlines want war? give them the weapons and send them off to some remote island, let them play war games among themselves safe from the rest of mankind. we will watch them fight live on tv.

  11. Thank you for all your hard work David

  12. Sigiberht says:

    And we have The Clinton Foundation. Ummm.

  13. it's weird that no civilian actually wants WW3 but it just seems like it's going to happen. I always thought with the internet civilians from Russia and the middle east and the West could all just form an online group where we all agree to not fight each other no matter what the establishment says

  14. ianoch says:

    Mr switched on speaks yet again. Wake up people of the western world. This is the only man talking sense. We all cant see the wood for the trees. Dave Icke for commander in chief. ***************************************************

  15. Completely NUTS.

  16. derekzan says:

    Wake up Merica…..please…..

  17. Slender man says:

    I don't want world war three to happen

  18. spencer han says:

    $hillary robbed Bernie.

  19. Icke talks of this letter as 100% proof when it is not it maybe just a myth…

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