I explained in 2012 in my video ” Send Terrestrial flat space ” , what would happen in 2014. If you want to believe it or not , it’s happening now .


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  1. Wow! – I loved viewing that vid channel. Unfortunately youtube for me here on my phone cuts out frequently – its my area not this site but its frustrating at times! I see we have the same sort of interests and I like this approach you have. When you get some time please have a look at the appropriate videos on my channel (playlists will help) and tell me what you see. All comments gratefully recieved! Good luck with your channel!!

  2. shanebh007 says:

    Theres something about this man One cool mfo

  3. orange70383 says:

    You're about the closest I've seen, you see my mind works in a way that is similar. It's autopilot, it comes where it flows but my mind sees in like fashion, only I've been at it a bit longer. Oh I know frustration, people come away with an opinion of one extreme or the other. Either way they walk away a little disturbed, a bit unsettled. They don't really know what to make of that opinion, again either way they're a little wary, a little unsure. That's the jist of it from just one brief meeting or maybe meeting without words. Still they know they sense something, yes they do, it's electrical, ethereal, it's your impact zone from just being natural which means being and knowing you really are different. 

  4. Vicki Ritt says:

    You are so handsome!!!!! Srry couldn't help it

  5. nasa is lies ,,lies all, all liars.

  6. This is the BEST video I've seen on YouTube! I am sad comments are disabled on your other video in which you say your the only one that can be trusted. Truth is truth even with or without lies! I have talked to Mark and it hit me hard last night. Ever got auto tune?Autotunr

  7. Mike Kretmar says:

    Wow finally some real shit my brother just can't see it believe me im forcing him to watch thank you so much for this your doing the right thing 

  8. the camera is not the best :)

  9. stEvo lution says:

    BRILLIANT , FUCKING BRILLIANT.   Does anyone know the next biggest island in Antarctica is called Rothchild Island.

  10. every artist or painter has an eye-ball-obsession.what if the eyeball isnt round but flat and forces us to believe otherwise?

    to add something to the theme:the elite always gives us hints and clues for what they plan in movies :world war Z and the whole zombie-ism fanatism is a mental preparation for depopulation:zombiism is  not a voodoo-invention,but the judeo-christian motiv of raising the dead (sleeping masses arise from their bodily frozen-ness..they as the ruling elite doesnt want an awakening of the masses.wasnt jesus (as a symbolic god) the first zombi?33 years and rising from the grave as a day-walker (diyabel double shining one)

  11. rogueraiser says:

    psychological manipulation has been going on for a long time…aka being fooled. Its been going on so much that we now accept it subliminally that its ok and normal to be fooled. Tavistock Institute has apparently raped the minds of the masses. But they are just one group of people doing this.. who knows about the rest.

  12. CHistrue says:

    Have you considered that when the NASA dudes told you that the Earth was flat that they may have not been honest?  It is a thought, mind you, that I cannot prove but if what you say happened did happen then to take their position is to throw out all of scientific knowledge since Aristophes and to BELIEVE these guys simply because they said so.

  13. Cross Bow says:

    hmm what is with the satan hand sign , makes me think your getting paid by the ones you talk about

  14. What brand of fucking dope is this over acting clown on??????

  15. Creflo Dolla says:

    nice hand sign….

  16. BLAGASPANTS says:

    This guy comes across like he's fucking acting… lol 

    That gives me the impression that the flat Earth theory is a psyop.

  17. Jan de Jong says:

    you read, you read, you research but you can not forward the message.

  18. pantslizard says:

    …wow…this dude does seem to be on a ssssllllloooooowwwww…burn….

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