World War 3 Has Already Begun | Truth And Action – Full Documentary


World War 3 Has Begun check following link

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  1. Private One says:

    delusional minds are contagious when the hosts are found in enclosed quarters.
    E N J O Y.

  2. BlueEyeGuy says:

    if you read this you dont have big dick

  3. momoszabong says:

    Why can't they just let me live in Antarctica, aliens are so selfish?

  4. We have lot of foolish people !

  5. Bucog Mark says:

    we are all patients of the world. as an ordinary we gonna bring them to mental hospital by bringing there selfish fury

  6. well kids grab your iPads and get to the Bunker it's coming

  7. Carrie Allen says:

    yay ww3 why is it taking so long,let Armageddon begin

  8. that's absolutely wrong the alien s are the time traveling check out the story of pilot bird

  9. adna girl says:

    don't believe it because another rumor said that the world will end in October 31 2016 and now I am about to coment safe and sound

  10. surely there might be WW3 or something worse. weapon manufacturing nations/pilgrimage visiting nations are the main world problems. surely the world ll know peace once they cease from their chameleonic ways.

  11. no their minds are still very primitive, lay down your arms , think of others not themselves, and how we can fix these problems of words against each other , if they repeating same past mistakes that destroyed the planets in past times when we had it all it all going to perfection in a past time all the answer surround our bodies and in clouds and weather formations , LIFE MOST COMPLEX PROBLEMS WHEN THEY Killed OF MOST OF POPULATION WHO THE Hell ARE THEY GOING TO ROTATE THE WEATHER with just a few humans left , and all the rich in money will be left and they fight against each other to become more rich until no one left,and they say they care about their country and people two wrongs have never made a right money has always being the root of al evil our past mistakes in words and actions is our correction into the future, and we balance out the weather as we go mars Venus mercury and earth was one big planet until we made a mistake and broke the one planet into four, same mistake they making again now when we have a chance to put al the pieces back the right way again, and have the weather rotating evenly again around the planets as we have had in past times of life, we can all have theories on what we see by vision and wonder about it and it will always be able to be improved on it branch out around the universe when it comes back improve further then down to children and grand children, LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS NOW message from gods, it all can be fixed in fairness to all mankind, safety of human life and this planet its all wise words of wisdom and has a place in ever culture first then to family trees, we all branch out in different directions, which is good as we help god mix the tension & colors of the energy force in the universe, all every ones doing is talking about whats happen not one come up with a construction idea to prevent the killing of other, we found the way in fairness to all mankind, talk is cheap and gets us no where life most complex problems

  12. max grobben says:

    most of this is true maybe everything is true. he forgot to tell 1 thing about who is leading the politicians. like rothschild and 12 other elite families they order the presidents around.

  13. fuck, get a life! and learn ENGLISH mother fucker.

  14. Kamrul Hassan On the contrary, it is the beginning of a NEW ERA. An era in where you will have no fear of GMO Foods. No fear of WW3. No fear from TPP. These 3 along was enough to end the World we are seeing today. Had Clinton won the election 2016, it was the end of World. Now you can look forward with Donald Trump these things : 1. Friendship with Russia, Turkey, Iran, and other Muslims countries. 2. End of TPP, thus end of GMO Foods and other GOOD STUFF> Thanks, Hey Julian Assange, Hope Donald Trump the President of the USA will free you now buddy. I am hoping The President will free Chelsea manning and Edward Snowden


  16. Mygrowbug says:

    a world government will rule only a dead planet without any life, after the dice roll what will it matter to anyone we'll all be dead or dyeing, so who will they rule only the ones in the bunkers, how long do you think that will last?

  17. My bunker is almost ready

  18. prem lal says:

    world War 3 Has Already Begun this is how they manage to invade Iraq and destroy Salam Husain, they want to do  the same to Syria  and  overtake  but they  Have  face
    Russia, China and Iran in the way, this is about oil.prem

  19. You're going to yell "The world will end tomorrow" until the day you die, and never admit you were wrong.

  20. komu i po co zależy na wywołaniu paniki ?

  21. world war 3 will happen if some nut job became president of a powerful country… oh fuck!!

  22. Moshe Nwa says:

    Wow the book of revelation summed up in 11:12 minutes.

  23. Piedron Dome says:

    last year around the same month they were also saying WWIII

  24. S.M A. says:

    I'm tired of people fighting instead of helping each other we were not ment to be fighting we are brothers we are ment to help each other not fight.

  25. Al M. says:

    This shit is too deep.

  26. Not third world war… this would be the first….. First Nuclear War… and would be the last….

  27. to bad we don't want to have ww3 but it will happen if we don't stop our wrong doing and seek Peace now.

  28. And human beings cannot aboves than Heavenly God Father alone,periods.

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