World War 3 Has Begun…


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  1. Skyrilla says:

    Obviously you are not aware of the human being's potential and greed.

  2. Well good thing this guy is utterly filled with bullshit. We're not in WW3 and it's summer of 2012. Oh well..guess the world ends in December anyway right? lol

  3. steve 125 says:

    i believe it doesn t end..maybe the world war 3 begins officialy..

  4. steve 125 says:

    hey guys ww3 hasn t began…i know there are so many wars but not world war 3,,,wait it s coming,,,

  5. Ali Durrani says:

    Yes I know Obama is Gand_ooo

  6. bigcheesy95 says:

    If you always predict gloom and doom and Armageddon and war your gonna be right eventually.

  7. Rob Reiken says:

    Chris is right on the ball with what he's saying. As far as i'm concerned WW3 began November 2011 when BushBama declared The War Powers Act & S679 that declares him the world dictator. Gaddafi was a good man that was going to save 4 african nations with his 16 year water plan. 700 mercinaries sent into Syria to destabilize & destroy can only hope the rebels are destroyed so sick of media demonizing their government as the enemy when it's the western nations & UN who are the real enemy.

  8. haha that's awesome!!

  9. SupperStu72 says:

    100% totally agree. Now let's start arresting the power pigs that orchestrated this take over of democracy. The politicians need to speak out so people know this is a reality.

  10. ignorant idiot, you are *yoda voice*

  11. Yes, we are. The battles right now are diplomatic ones about allies, buying time to get our militaries ready. And, they ARE getting our militaries ready. They are practicing to fight in defense of Korea, Japan, Hawaii, even mainland United States cities. The start off into this was in fact in the end of 2011.
    But, no, no major events hit the United States in 2011.
    Right now, it is a very slow game of time biding, plotting, and preparation.

  12. Oct 1st and counting. (whistlin) ^^

  13. socobliss says:

    You ruin you message by yelling. Another Gerald Celente i dont need.

  14. lifeishooey says:

    Umm…I didn't go to college but, shouldn't there be at least 2 factions fighting to be a world war?

    How I see it: the muslims are the ones doing the fighting (attacks) as the rest of the world cowers under them.

    Someone once said that WW3 started Nov. 1979. He spoke of lots of terrorist attacks since that date. Also mentioned how the world slept thru all of them, particularly America.

    No world war. There is only one side fighting.

  15. edgar alonso says:

    Your life is sad worrying whats gona happen tomorrow….

  16. ZIPPER978 says:

    no troops are in libya this guy is full of shit

  17. There can't be a WWIII unless all nations are fighting. I don't see how all nations will follow the US into a WW.

  18. Oh shit, it's happening! Get your Ron Paul gifs ready cause it's happening! Oh wait, this was made 4 years ago. hahahahahaha. Chrispiracist Greene, you are so funny.

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