World War 3 Has “OFFICIALLY” Started – Putin v/s America (Part 2)


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  1. Peta Noonan says:

    America is tired. they been at war for yrs. great video..hottie…haha

  2. Peta Noonan says:

    always money money money. I'm learning survival skills. keep safe brothers and sisters. what about the media bulcrap on trump

  3. Jason Evans says:

    this is where we need to come together. fuck the government's. they carw only about themselves. we have family, kids, moms, dads, brother's and sisters.

  4. Jason Evans says:

    i love all of you. they take oir money so they can eat good, drive nice cars, buy nice cloths and take trips to the islands. we need to make our own law. we know whats right and what's wrong. we dont need these laws by people who do not care about us. we are going to war and the media does not tell us bc they are on the payroll. thank you brother for this channel bc its true

  5. Karl K says:

    This topic is so overhyped, but the real geopolitical Message in this Time is That there is a change in polar world To a multipolar world, the "king" USA is weekend and Russia is the second king now they achieved it! And for real this speech of this general is like they only payed pledges to the king! This is a war but not with nukes there won't be nukes this doesn't work like this this is the geopolitical system of multipolarism where isn't this kind of worldwar because it isn't possible!

  6. Jessica Ren says:

    2017 is going to be an interesting year…

  7. Destin Burch says:

    Anonymous needs to take over phones and air waves and ask us all this;" Do we the people really want this?" Most logical ppl wouldn't want this in a million years.
    Anonymous needs to avail and bring the proof all together, that we are being extorted by Gangs in disguise as Governments.
    My grandparents lived thru WW2 and were the children of WW1, also the parents of Vietnam. Now they are the Grandparents and great grandparents of the all of the proxy wars in the middle east since the late 80s and early 90s. PEOPLE IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE OVER 70 NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK THEM WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT THIS CLIMATE. I promise you they are fearful. If you are conditioned to accept fear and war, that is your reality to you.
    We should ask ourselves; how conditioned are we, that we will let others commit murder and extortion in the name of Us?
    Thank you for the Video follow up. I really hope your voice is spread to those who need to come to grips in a logical mindful way.

  8. Emmanuel A. says:

    More like Democrats against Humanity.Putin is a hero, actually.

  9. Jason Evans says:

    listen, im grateful for you making this known to all of us. you have a lot of and care in your heart.

  10. for all the war lovers.

    war equals one thing only.
    death an pain. there are no winners or losers no good or evil. just death an pain. by the time world war 3 would be over no country will be able to rebuild for at least 50 years. thats how much it would do.

    thats if anyone actually survives.

  11. Great speech man end times is near I believe its time to prepare ourselves for a disaster wars help nobody only causes pain and suffering we have no where to run and hide like BARACK OBAMA AND THE CLINTONS if any one survives take out the establishment and  take back our country we will RISE AGAIN and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

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