World War 3 Has “OFFICIALLY” Started


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  1. catalynoo says:

    Omg an indian, better close the video

  2. Yo Seff says:

    sick video bro

  3. You're so funny! Crazy motha!

  4. leon ham says:

    oh man… ANGLOOOOOOOO Indian….. nah man me to

  5. yes i agree like the bible said people will be so busy on stupid stuff in the last days

  6. Gerard Toal says:

    problem right of the bat, the tittle, world war 3 has not offically started when it does start it ends also a nuclear war is the end.

  7. Fuck Pakistan. India ftw

  8. I loved the fact that you stressed how our mainstream media never relates the facts to any of us, no matter where you live on this planet! Yes, the situation is very dire, very tragic- I agree with you 100 %! That's why we should accept Jesus as Our Lord and Savior before it really is too late!

  9. Helpful Knowledge! THANKS KEEP IT UP Bro…

  10. Bob Malleck says:

    You are smart and brave! Good man!

  11. keith2599 says:

    I hope theres no war or any war in on our planet,  Every country in the world needs to calm down,  especially if you buy these new solid shiny brass jig heads from senchen in china,  you get 50 in a box ranging from 1.8 grams to 10 grams and the good news is you can use your own hook sizes: iv also just learnt there are some orange ones in the pipeline comming out soon…so go fishing and really enjoy yourself at the rock edges for wrasse and other small fish….good fun…

  12. Raul Rios says:

    BS no ww3 is going to happen just live your life.

  13. im sorry to say this no offence . BUT ..Indians cant be scary ….o.k so how much you got then ..ref Trevor noah

  14. Blake Welch says:

    Thank you for the information man, it's good to know what's going on in the world

  15. Kizan le says: is not a trust worthy source. Anyone can add stuff on it.

  16. Leo Lion says:

    Send them your bhut jolokias, India will win the war against Russia.

  17. Greetings from the UK, Thanks for your viewpoint, good video. Which nation do you live?

  18. gangnarry says:

    @ JapDesi Diary: dude you got news , " majority " of the indians doesnt look whats happening around apart from their own "world" …cricket / comedy nights / star awards / sharukh khan . what made you look outside and spread the message . and by the way what you said is a fact and there is nothing that we can do to stop it ..

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