WORLD WAR 3 – If Hillary Clinton Wins the Election


This video is a simulation of my prediction as to what will happen if Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the 2016 election… unless you stop her. See also: …


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  1. goddidit4 says:


  2. If the US is nuked wouldn't the take Hillary to a bomb shelter and not on a plane? And how did Russia get to Cuba without the navy sending them home?

  3. lolopop123 says:

    I highly doubt that's the way it'll play out. 1 maybe 2 small tactical nukes may be used in the middle east, but that's probably about it. The war will mainly consist of conventional warfare taking place in the middle east, and Ukraine. superpowers in modern warfare do not invade other superpowers due to it almost becoming a suicide operation. The war will be fought in smaller tactical regions until a country sees that they are close to a checkmate. After one side says they don't want to fight anymore(not openly declaring defeat) they will sign a peace treaty, and the world will go on as it did with 1, and 2 except with much much higher casualties for basically nothing.

  4. May come sooner then you think since we're already cyber attacking Russia

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