World War 3 / III has begun. Who’s lying?


Men will be him dying but the first shots of the blood of World War 3 started . America , the pusher of proxy armies now caught in a lie against the coalition of the willing …


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  1. puppetboy7 says:

    life on this earth is a joke…a man's life and earnings by building bombs and weapons…..feeding his family….his Lusts…..his Lies….
    Ultimately using his Life's werk to End It!

    all in the name of his Majik God, The Evil One
    past down thru G-Ma, Not So Great G-Ma, and On n On

    Destroying the Perfection Our Heavenly Father Created…..
    children, people, Nature, Animals, Earth

    Oh Well

  2. Mark Fanjoy says:

    If you have not turned to the truth and to our Lord Jesus Christ. Do it now before you have no time left. Judgement is coming.

  3. Bluskystar says:

    yep demons agnda 21 of aziel mr burns n ww o , must never know smothers is you vots matth run to hills for children when can grow veg in tubs indoors

  4. Bluskystar says:

    Their n ww o ready for it yours relatives are not so move some yours sh# and ar rs. and move the manure piling up at relatives familys and take leadership each man must carry family burden and shepherd relatives.

  5. Bluskystar says:

    rusa is not at war any only is is befor get to take rusa caphilat rusa said only this -if it walks like etc a terrorist then it it is a terrorists.

  6. Bluskystar says:

    Is why odima neeconers eliteees cutting of rusa or rather they are denying rusa on most of everything .rusa not allowed save selves from is is caphilat war is no good but nuclear war west neesconers seem want is the abborance of greed control .oil =s emp

  7. Bluskystar says:

    statue daniel aborrant neesconers overreaching want war for control oil pipelines what do for as far eye can see loads loads black gold?¿♤¡♡♡

  8. Bluskystar says:

    We cauld be## in a lot of trouble relatives just sh it there and idolise mr burns@ vote for listen to Mr burns yours smithers relatives voted slave for Mr burns

  9. Bluskystar says: to hills for children future generation fix buses run them to hills if safe to.grow veg in tubs indoors .get seeds etc in street art awakes relatives on train tubes. familys

  10. Bluskystar says:

    que up vte for man behind curtain mr burns ☆@%see if gets yours relatives anything not crppy half a trainer ¿? Perhaps?♤♤?♡♡

  11. Bluskystar says:

    If jesus or don't still got to eat -supplies still needed logistics home maker matth run to hills for children.

  12. I think that the world war will begin with a attack in Europe.

  13. Religion is a factoring cause of this. Not a solution. Use your mind and your so called souls. No people are the righteous. We are all wrong, and we are all being deceived. The structure is 80% lies. Religion conditions us to believe them. The people are the ones that must unite worldwide and take power. Religion and politics divides E PLURUBUS must UNUM world wide.

  14. Why on earth do the? people tolerate this threat to us all?

  15. check a vision Henry Gruvor had 30 years ago, and then read Revelation 18…. America will burn. EMP + Nukes by subs is exactly what you said and he saw!!!

  16. Wants to trust their government? Expect all people have something good in them?
    Government has betraying us already since middle ages XD i didn't think there is change that fast.
    Lol we only eat cake since like 350 years ago because some french queen started a revolution… 70 years ago the government was giving out free smokes and now we pay 7 a pack lol trust the government and believe in people hahahaa good one dude! Let's not start talking about lead in the fuel back in the days and a scientist that got killed for saying it's bad for the environment.
    Hell yhe trust the goverment XD haahaaa.

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