World War 3 is a De-Americanized Currency War


In today’s video , Christopher Greene of AMTV explains that World War 3 is a De- Americanized currency war .


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  1. Youri Carma says:

    The Dying Dollar – Federal Reserve and Wall Street Assassinate US Dollar
    22 November 2013, by Paul Craig Roberts (Paul Craig Roberts)

  2. John Kim says:

    NWO cabal will use China to lead the coming NWO system. 
    However, Elites will use china for a moment. after that, they will soon bring united world currency ruled by IMF / WB.

  3. Chilli Sam says:

    no ww3 as a deal in geneva is reached time for peace 

  4. vettefever67 says:

    Should do silver backed notes like JFK tried to do. 

  5. Daria Huddy says:

    Not a pretty sight, but I hold out hope for some resolution.

  6. miamistorm says:

    Chris,please be kind enough to cite a concrete, non-metaphorical, tangible example of precisely where this WWIII is currently physically underway, using a commonly accepted standard definition of what a World War is. Other than a global race to see which nation can devalue their currency the most, I just don't see any current military action anyplace on the planet where actual hostilities are taking place that could escalate into a global conflict, say for the Middle East which has been in a state of turmoil  since Israel's founding in 1948. Thanks 

  7. Un encrypted? Or decrypted? Lol it's all good I got you. History really does repeat it's self

  8. Anyone here aware that Phil Schneider `presumed dead` has resurfaced with a vid on the tube about Bigfoot?

  9. I say we go back to art as the common trade currency.  A person can buy a painting estimated in worth greater than $1 mil and then cut it into 1,000's of pieces.  Each piece will carry a laser and guarantee mark that it is part of that original painting 🙂  Like bitcoin, but you can carry the artwork around in pockets.  Art enthusiasts will not like this idea at all, but in the context of everything else being proposed it seems just as sane.  Here, take this tiny piece of a rare Picasso and let me fill up my SUV with Premium plz. :))  The dollar is fading but it will take close to a decade for a replacement.  Sit tight on your precious metals, not literally of course!  Currency Wars not as exciting as STAR WARS but important to think about wampum.

  10. olboomer says:

    I thought World War III was Syria, according to you?

  11. Gold and silver and bitcoins all function as basically the same type of asset.  None of them are backed by "real" value.  The "useful" value of gold and silver are far below their investment value. 

  12. l3MTA3l says:

    Invest in Chris's Penis coin, It has 1.5 times the value of a bit coin

  13. b44rt says:

    Bitcoin is not a company Christopher. And Bitcoin get's backed by my huge electricity bill 

  14. ZBORICUA804 says:

    I agree there is a problem with Bit coin. I used to not be a conspiracy theorist but Bit Coin may be the sign of the beast

  15. f150bc says:

    during the great depression people ran to gold and left greenbacks.The government made it illegal to own gold and took it from the people and forced them to use paper money.Why would they not do this again  ? settel your debts pay off your cards and  own your assetts this makes more sence than hording gold .Hope your job will still be there and look to work at a paying job that can support you .If the Government makes the laws they can change the rules and you can do nothing.My grand fathers came here when their countries fell apart ,they found jobs and a new life we always have that option our grandfathers took it worked just fine for mine.

  16. It's like Saw let the games begin

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