World War 3!!!! is a Plan To Depopulate The Earth said PUTIN…!!!


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  1. Wow so what this fake BBC channel is saying is that British are in control of the weather and are responsible for millions around the world starving… This is a joke, who discovered your country.. put America on the map? Why spread hate. Why has booming business cities like Detroit fell but Military finds billions to spend hmm questions.. I forget how much it costs for a NASA mission to Mars oh that's right millions. A small percentage of that would house the homeless in America.. Build better defenses against devastating weather. Think how you can make your country better…

  2. Mr Budweiser says:

    lol fake bbc channel
    fucking shills

  3. who ever is in charge of this channel you should know I'm assuming you don't know . you should know that the evil devil worshipping science pushing Roman Catholic Church and it constituents Sweden and Geneva and Europe . are in contact with things in high places as well as the fallen and there children . they have taught them to time travel and to manipulate the weather to begin there tribulation time that will be to depopulate the earth . harp is the way they manipulate the weather and cern is the way that they will release the fallen one that is held in his prison of which he will be released for a time to bring these terrible times upon us all . but to the very elect all these things must happen to bring this evil times and it's perpetuaters to there end . please come out of these watered down churches that don't do what the most high yahuwah tells them but what this made up jesus Christ tells them to do ! the Bible tells us to worship yahuwah on the Sabbath day which is Saturday but these evil people in these churches who don't respect any thing that is called elohim do what they want to do . tithes and offerings were for the Levitt priest because they had to stand at the holy of holy's 24 hours a day they had to make offerings for the yisraelites . they had no portion in this world because there portion is in the world to come so the yisraelites gave tithes and offerings to them the Levitt priest . they were never meant for the church . of which the elohim says that he doesn't meet man in churches anyway . but they don't tell you this because they have been lead astray by these worshipers of Bel who we know is the same devil that the sun worshipers use to call godoriel the sun god .this is why they teach people to call the elohim under false pretenses of translation god which is short for godoriel and this is why they teach people to worship on Sunday which is the very day that they use to worship the sun god godoriel . stop calling the most high yahuwah god and stop calling his son Jesus Christ his name is yahushua not Jesus Christ this name was taken from a Catholic priest cousin that was a homosexual and the picture that you see hanging on the walls of the churches here in the churches as well as abroad is a picture of that homosexual . please open your eyes and take up the holy tora and keep it's commandments and laws and statutes . this is the only way to become acceptable to the elohim .

  4. Time for American regime change!! join az nm militia!!

  5. Fred Nerk says:

    Looks like Lyndon LeDouche bullshit to me


  7. So what's up with totally misrepresenting yourself as part of the BBC? I bet you don't respond and most likely silence my comment.

  8. Matt Kieran says:

    Talking about WW3 and hyping it up is making it a reality. Stop with this shit. There is no WW3.

  9. Your not Putin! said Putin

  10. Depopulation is a consequence of war, not the reason. The reason is usually to obtain control of another counties recourses. Any other reason they might give, is usually an excuse.

  11. Barry White says:

    Queen Elizabeth told her staff to "go home and injoy your last Christmas" in December 2015

  12. This isn't BBC TV…this is LPAC TV….a.k.a. LaRouchePAC TV… Lyndon LaRouche's political media organ. Lyndon LaRouche was and IS one of the biggest nut-bars in history. His station is still cranking out the SWILL, I see. If we could control the WEATHER, you could bet that the scientists would've figured out, by now, how to put out forest fires with thunderstorms…and I just do NOT see that HAPPENING, yet, springhead. This is just another load of LaRouchian crap…and not even a very entertaining way to waste 46 minutes…

  13. GonG108 says:

    you are not a BBC channel , you use fraudulent methods to gain clicks and earn money i will flag you

  14. Americans are suffering collective paranoia

  15. nonslave says:

    eugenics dominate…hence bill gates

  16. nonslave says:

    evidence of the lucerferian agenda

  17. This is nothing but misinformation……..all too common with these pseudo documentaries……

  18. Mike Parker says:

    er did she just say british are the model of depopulation by genocide? who put this shit up britian has never fronted genocide yes we have been imperialistic snd conquered and been conquered and we have done it over 2000 years love not hundreds unlike your country who has never single handedly won a war without the help of another country go get your facts right

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