World War 3 is around the corner




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  1. mbadshah0077 says:

    its alright for this cunt to hard talk especially when he is not on the front line.

  2. NATO enlargment is not of the last days and (before) American
    imperialists took their positions. And before it was Great Brittanny who
    fought wars in Afghanistan to secure their colonials; India, Egypt,
    etc. Even all countries where the Nile streams through; (to secure their
    cheap labor in cotton production in Egypt).
    Angelsax imperialism is not a temporary issue. Kapital searches more
    kapital; (today the private banks who have their roots in Hittite
    periods, 2000 B.C.), (robbing Mesopothamia and the pharaohs), etc.
    Hittite were named Angelsax by a Roman general (3th century), who
    re-migrated to the west. And those who migrated to the east, (since 7/8
    century), naming themselfs; ZION.
    Political intriges are fed by greed in humans.

  3. Kan !!! Funny your commentary during the video lollll

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