World War 3 Is Imminent – Simulation 2016


how will WW3 really go? this is my theory, using the latest data from the U.N if you don’t agree with the war layout, tell me why.


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  1. naahatum says:

    turn off this bad music

  2. Omaragorn says:

    whats the song name? love it

  3. Excellent video, but if you think Russia and China will lose to the UK and the EU you are mistaken. I believe Russia will take over Europe.

  4. enigma-el says:

    this is bs. first nk declares war on s. Korea and throws nukes to us. nk war 2. turkey sends Muslims into Europe to form caliphate. Saudi Arabia war with Iran in Syria with Muslim nations. Russia steps in against isis. turkey and Russia at war. China steps in, then nato. Europe gets nuked, America emped.

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