World War 3 Is On The Horizon


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20 Responses

  1. The only one I liked was Bernie now we're stuck with these 2 idiots ?

  2. Thank god I live all the way across the world from the U.S

  3. Divine_Wrath says:

    I'm already prepared. Been preparing for it since last year. People were calling me nuts for getting a bunker and all that shit but you never know.

  4. Chulo SSJ says:

    Man earth is more fucked than Trunk's timeline

  5. CrazyAJ 495 says:

    Ladies and gentlemen this is why zamasu hates us

  6. 89 given says:

    I would have wanted trump to win if my parents had papers.

  7. RockyD12 says:

    they want you to think that (creating Fear)

  8. Alex Ghost says:

    World war 3 is inevitable

    Question is how long can we delay it?

  9. There are things called Nuclear defense systems just beacause a bomb is launched does not mean it's gonna land

  10. I've been a fan for the blue eyes for a long time now but voting for trump dude damn

  11. Mekanatarry says:

    Niether is a good choice, nor is having one or a small group of people represent a larger mass that don't symbolize what those higher officials desire. Yet people still want their leaders, presidents, senators, and the like to hold their hand rather than standing on their own 2 feet, because as long as this system of hierarchy exists, people who have nothing to do with the problems they create will always die; they have, and they will until people start doing something, not rioting, not marching….doing something.

  12. Jav94 Mc says:

    I finally understand Zamasu

  13. "World War 3 Draws ever so close" Wrong the world was on the brink of war in the 70's and 80's and my grandfather has lived in time where the world truly WAS on the brink of war and this is not one of those times both sides are fat and lazy and won't do shit

  14. thomas toma says:

    I think it's a good time to live in Australia

  15. NGinCortex says:

    With all due respect to everyone but i've to say this , if it wasn't for the US & Russia to stick their noses in Syria , Syria would never ever suffered from the war that's is going on right now , like for real the US needs to mind it's own business !

  16. Ryukhan46 says:

    Did they make cellphones just to keep us distracted and lose all focus on what the hell is going on in this real world today? Has this been their plan the whole time? Do they hate us? Do they hate the world…? We're doomed…

  17. Toaster Lord says:

    The thing is,Trump says bad things,but Hillary DOES bad things,fuck her,because she will fuck up everyone's life if she becomes a president

  18. At this point we are screwed no matter what happens sure we have a powerful military but because of that we will end up underestimating all others and that will be out downfall

    I just wish zamasu was real cause I would help him wipe out any race that only wants power or war and even if he wouldn't let me I would rather die by a god's hand than some random human bastard who just got power hungry cause at least the God would have a good reason or at least a better reason than the fucking human
    And yes I mean human in the same way that zamasu does as in all mortals including myself and my reason for hating our species is that we all can be selfish psychotic freaks who think they know better than anyone else, hell I used to know a guy who kept saying he was a god, and because of that we could do some horrible things
    Luckily there are people who have some self control but sadly, because of the ones who don't, they will probably suffer the same fate as the ones who don't meaning they may all be dead

    Sorry for the long winded speech and for the massive block of text thanks for reading if you did and please don't give me hate it's fine if you do but at least say some thing other than "what a fucking retard who types that much" or something equally as stupid as that. Just say some thing productive instead if you have to say anything at all

  19. I'm going to try and lighten the mood by saying a funny and creepy theory

    What if the earth from champa's universe that was destroyed by war, actually our world after 3rd world war cause let's face it if we have another world war our planet will end up just like champa's earth used too

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