World War 3-Israel Attacks Syria Again-Israel Missile Test-Range-Russia-Iran-Nuclear-World War



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  1. Tanui9 says:

    Cant blame the people in Israel just as you cant blame the people of America. The people are good. It is the shit governments that need to be taken out.

  2. Tragic….governments still creating war

  3. PEREXUSREX says:

    Unfortunately Obama is the worst war monger since the 2nd world war . . .


  5. sorry to say but Russia has no balls lately it is part of the nwo pick only on people that live in mud huts anyone else might slap you back that also goes for America 

  6. PEREXUSREX says:

    Russia is the only reason we are not in the midst of world war 3 . . . thank Putin

  7. Joe X says:

    All of the American people don't serve in a military force whose primary mission in life is the subjugation and dehumanization of a neighboring people, not even in the late 1800's was that ever the case.

  8. Tanui9 says:

    So what? Serving the military doesnt mean you agree with the agenda.

  9. U.s. govment must collapse along with that abomination to humanity known as isreal. The people may be well but apathy is tyranny greatest ally so we are all guilty for allowing them to go this far. China will be the superpower that could put humanity back to the stone age.

  10. PEREXUSREX says:

    US people are good people but the Illuminati has taken power and they will bring calamity on the people . . . Obama and Kerry are amongst the most wicked individuals in the world . . .

  11. Perex the problem is shown just by the number of veiws this has received. I believe you understand the implications of these event, my people couldn't give a shit and that is the problem. Good or not we are ignorant by choice and that feeds this tyranny unleashed upon humanity. I know that in order to win this war, Love must conquer all and that is harder to achieve then showing people the method to their enslavement.

  12. PEREXUSREX says:

    You are absolutely correct. Americans freedoms have been destroyed and the government taken over by the Illuminati . . . and they people do not care OR they are just not ready for the truth . . .

  13. Common israel is a small country without an buffer zone and physical barrier that can slow down an invasion , Russia can hit tel aviv in 3min or less

  14. gogu gogu says:

    This wepon put in you ass it math baterr

  15. gogu gogu says:

    Wath nake america wai dont stop

  16. "War does not determine who is right – only who is left."
    Bertrand Russell

    No Russia war not in my name

  17. no matter what is israel,Russia can take tiny Israel in a matter of few moment?

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