WORLD WAR 3 Its About To Begin! 2015 – WARNING 2015


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  1. Yea……this is a joke.,and I'm not laughing.


  3. Woohoo fell asleep watching this, an almost killed my iphone battery

  4. choppertj1 says:

    I thought it might be with a screen name like that ?

  5. Daneeko says:

    Am I just happen to be unlucky? I live in israel.

  6. Jimmy Bakker will save the world. He, Jonathan Cahn and John Hagee will save us all !

  7. LpsScarlette says:

    Well, America is going to be thrown in soon with us supporting France and France bombing a place with IsIs.. Russia and America are on opposite sides of the Syrian government and the people against them…

  8. frode frodo says:

    How many contries must be involved to call it a world war? I think world war III is already here

  9. mikesgtrs1 says:

    Its happening and its real AND ITS ENGINEERED

  10. May the curse of The Allmighty fall up on Obama and his bitches . Amen .

  11. WW111 is here and Russia is playing a big part.

  12. did it already past

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