The conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, the growing tensions between the 2 Koreas, Venezuela vs USA, Russia vs USA and UE…, with the economic crisis are findind …


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  1. jordi grant says:

    It's too late if all the elites were to be stopped it would have had to be 10 years ago they are so powerful at this point they will never be stopped and now WW3 is in place it's far too late

  2. jordi grant says:

    We only can prepare/Train for what's to come ahead prepare my brothers and sisters we have a War/Battle ahead of us that will only be won by survivors and fighters just remember who started/Ruined it all for us the governments/Elites when WW3 is over we can't make the same mistakes we've made today never let Corruption happen ever again we as a human species must find a way for peace so we can rebuild after

  3. good message but too late brother

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