World War 3 map Prediction


done with Ezvid , free download at Now then , I realize that this prediction is just as likely as any other shot in the dark , but it makes a certain amount …


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  1. idiot, you left china out south, north korea, japan out

  2. Cerberus says:

    BRICS – BRASIL – RUSSIA – INDIA – CHINA – South Africa.
    I Also suggest you take a look towards the sentiment of people in the countries you highlight. In general Eastern europe is far more split, and the middle east will be engaged in a battle with Israel in ww3, though they have far more dealings with russia and china than they do with america, and will be more inclined to side with them.

  3. Too unrealistic. Pakistan would never join Iran. And that bunch of irrelevant Middle East countries would not go to the war just because.

  4. Well at least Mexico is not involved in ww3 except that part were Russia will give nuclear weapons to Mexico so Mexico can take back thier territories that America stole in the 1800s

  5. Lee Taylor says:

    I think the northern Atlantic treaty alliance should have been mentioned and turkey probably would have been with the allies as they are in NATO. I also think the European Union would have responded quicker. The. Again nothing can be predicted

  6. Ohitsnaan says:

    Pakistan would never ally with india quite wrong in my opinon

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