World War 3 might happen but it might not


TURN DOWN THE VOLUME THE AUDIO SUCKS SORRY. I’m American if you couldn’t tell. We/us=America. Sorry about the shitty jump cuts my roommates kept walking in and I can’t edit for peanuts.


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  1. Hary Satria says:

    ww3 Wil start on syria

  2. Jacob Burges says:

    I liked this video, you brought up some excellent points. I think that its also important to consider China when talking about superpowers. China is on its way to having the strongest global economy, and their being allied with Russia at this point does not bode well for a lasting peace. In the end, it all comes back to energy. Who controls the world's oil supply controls the world, and right now the middle east is where most of the oil is being found. Recently, China has tried to overstep its borders and control more of the oil rich south china sea, going so far as to place no fly zones and shipping embargoes on islands within it. If the US gets involved, that could potentially be a third theory as to where WW3 could start.

  3. Jacob Burges says:

    "Now, there's another thing to consider. And thats Iran. We, uh, have a big penis."

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