World War 3 – NATO vs Russia and Allies (HD 1080p)




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  1. If the Roman Empire and Mongolian empire were alive

    They will be like let's conquer Europe and Asia again then the north and south install the republic monarchy

    Nero "Christians must die for Rome to live"

    Ghenis khan " destroy world religious leaders to maintain order"

    Cold War

    Roman Empire vs Mongolian Empire 

  2. Filip Gmuh says:

    NATO=NAZI (axis)

  3. Florida to join Russia? This doesn't seem likely if you ask me

  4. Why is would Russia join isis when America and Russia are going to work together to destroy them. I know India and Russia are allies but China and india don't get along well. And why is Spain joining Russia their with nato. Also how can mexico conquer some of america when they lost to us in the first place. And Argentina is a usa allie. North Korea us not. Russia will suffer again like they did in World war 1

  5. And the Usa is number 1 for military power

  6. Will Hagan says:

    Australia was the biggest of the first peace keeping countries so now you are all Australian States

  7. First mistake: NATO is a defense pact. Wich means they would never make the first move

  8. I love how Romania gives itself up in the 5th phase. That sais alot about my country lol!

  9. All I know is that Mexico is going to take back thier territories that America stole because in the 1890s president Plutarco Ellas calles president of Mexico..he wanted to take back thier territories he was a dictator he is on the $100,000 Mexican pesos bill…search it up in Google

  10. I didn't understand this video …u didn't put details on this video..where are the details?!

  11. is it going to be the end of usa

  12. connor says:

    canada wouldn't have given up that easy.

  13. I don't know if he knows this but the U.S.A, Canada and Brazil are big allies with Mexico. Mexico wouldn't turn there back on them

  14. Russia is peace with us so Russia is our allie

  15. thats stupid argentna h8ts the usa and the uk …

  16. My prediction is all of NATO, North America and Europe except Turkey, French Guinea,Japan and South Korea. The rest of Asia will join BRICS and all of South Africa and Cuba except French Guinea will join BRICS. Maybe Philippine will join US and Australia and NZ will join US. Oceania will be neutral. That way the BRICS and Allies will win

  17. Navid Jan says:

    Screw you guys,,, we are also a nuclear states,, how the fuck india can eat my country lol,,, we aren't using nuclear for wanking… plus Pakistan is an ally to china,, and when time comes, we will fuck USA, India, and Israel…. we have the world's bravest and super trained army…
    btw Love Russia….

  18. Yuguy ugiv v says:

    LOL totally not made up by a pro Russian, atleast try to make it look realistic:) Retarded simulatior, no way Russia beats US.

  19. Serbian Fighter! a zasto nije sjeverna koreak u rati sa amerikom sta je to bre

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