World War 3 – NATO vs Serbia and Allies (HD 1080p)


SIMULATION * World War 3 begins today as the original map and ends in a completely new map of the NATO Russia vs Serbia Greece Bulgaria Romania .. .


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  1. Onur Coskun says:

    Almost 200$,not bad…

  2. wtf is wrong with u stupid westerns? this is simulation for fuck sake and SCO will always beat NATO and serbia is second strongest army in balkan so serbia and greece can take balkan if NATO and westerns dont help croats analbanians or bosnians

  3. İt is not true I m from Turkey and NATO Always Win Because Nato (Turkey-USA-France-Italy-Germany-Spain-England …)

  4. Sava S says:

    this is clearly idiotic and was made for making radicals feel better after they were shit on by the whole world and were forgotten by their Russian brothers. Serbia should just stick with neutrality like swiss. And BTW this is not an option because your government Vucic is cleary a western eu sellout so u guys are srcrewd. Svaka vama cast!

  5. amk türkleri bok yenerler türkler sizin gibileri parmağıyla yener

  6. Rushy Begone says:

    that map is shıt…

  7. Green Grass says:

    Peace of shit dislike bullshit

  8. why the hell would they declare war on cyprus?? since shows greece is in red colour cyprus should be too

  9. This is very unprofessional. But if it was real, may the Red side win, FOR IRELAND and the rest of the red crew ;)

  10. I was gonna show how stupid this is (and you as well, apparently), but when you made it look like Switzerland would take a side, you did that job for me.

  11. Also, you make it look like NATO is just going to sit in their countries and do nothing. You, being Serbian, know very well that NATO would not do that.

  12. You No NATO will beet the shit out of Serbia And Russia

  13. Fuck serbia and russia

  14. Storm Balcan says:

    Nuclear defference about russia and usa was 1000nuc heads russia can crush america

  15. Türkiye nin tek karış toprağına dokunamazsınız şerefsiz

  16. Hrvatska,Albanija,Poljska,Ukrajina,Litva,Slovačka,Češka,Španjolska <3

  17. dont forget Russia,China,India and Asia

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