World War 3 (New Dark Age: Part 1)


WW3 broke out between the great powers for control of the Earth , its colonies and the future of humanity . Watch as the world descends into chaos , endless …


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  1. Aw screw you France 

  2. Jake Mapping says:

    When's the next one coming out I'm excited

  3. Keinlicht says:

    god dammit france really? thats kinda corny to me

  4. fabiostop100 says:

    and 'more' easy to happen the other way

  5. mickopador says:

    Very accurate scenario and simulation! Great job, my friend!
    We, Filipinos will never surrender to the armies of hell and we will continue to fight for our nation! Filipino Pride!

  6. Damn great vid. Too bad that Lithuania got overrun so quickly instead of having some kind of Baltic defence line or defending at Nemunas river :/

  7. You should do one on Japan and Korea.

  8. when there is gonna be a new upload

  9. Jake Mapping says:

    Hey Peacekeeper After your down with the New Video can you Do one on the Commune War or Communist Takeover of Russia Also can you do the Rise of the Hie like how it Began

  10. Jake Grafton says:

    Part one looks great…. just waiting on part two to this. also. where did you get your music from…. it fits the tone very well.

  11. When is the next video coming?

  12. won't India use it's nuclear weapons? Or is it because of their no first use policy? So China doesn't use it on India first?

  13. Isn't Brazil part of the AllieS?

  14. Jake Mapping says:

    Hey Peace Keeper i have a Question for you.
    You see i do this thing called mapping where i map out historical and Fictional Wars. Is it ok if i Map out the Invasion of North America or Australia and Give you Credit as Source

  15. Frank Fish says:

    I enjoy your videos and all, but am I the only wondering how China can feed its self? Same with its allies.

  16. zach crowley says:

    why don't u hurry the fuck up on part 2 I'm tired of waiting

  17. And during all this, Switzerland is still fucking neutral

  18. Mr.Sauce says:

    Where is part 2? You said next week 2 months ago. Sorry for sounding impatient.

  19. Kartik Singh says:

    still waiting for the part 2
    why is it taking so much time

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