World War 3 : North Korea gives Final Approval for Nuclear Strike on the U.S. (Apr 04, 2013)


SOURCE: News : North Korea puts military guard railing to undertake a nuclear strike against the United States …


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  1. Well, Time to move to england…

  2. bowm0 says:

    it looks like hell is about to be unleashed

  3. Regicide (death by government) is the number one killer in all of human history. Nothing comes close.

  4. Kim jong doesnt have a heart

  5. Edna Framis says:

    We can guess the outcome of all this! .. but I will just say, I follow Jesus and believe He is the way, the truth, and the life! … If we die in this life then we will be with the Lord forever. So confess Jesus as Lord and that He died for your sins, was buried, and has been raised from the dead! … we may suffer, but so did He! .. it is worth it!

  6. It is so bad to have world war 3

  7. MGProSniper says:

    Englands next after US

  8. USA, south Korea, japan, England. that's a more likely order

  9. Truth118 says:

    But I'd bet you'd take an anti-missile defense system over a pair of crossed sticks as a means of defending yourself from a nuclear warhead?

  10. yeah im prob just gonna move out of the u.s. soon. sick of all this nonsense.

  11. David Power says:

    FALSE FLAG!! AGAIN. Kim Jun Hung never said this and anyone who would believe that is an idiot, in fact anyone that would believe anything CNN says is an idiot because more people believe in UFO's than CNN lies. Kim Jun (not so) Hung said that he would DEFEND his country with Nukes IF HE HAD TO. Under the Geneva Convention Rules so basically hes following the War Rules to a T like we and anyone one else would DEFENDING their country.

  12. Hurp derp says:

    Whats the end game for our planet people? Because I seriously don't understand the point that our governments are making us try and see and if we don't have a point why don't we make one, we would all be much happier people in my opinion.

  13. Eosur says:

    @MGProSniper I agree!

  14. babaaj says:

    earth were very beautiful without new age human.

  15. Well they launch the nukes in space

  16. I know especialy when the person they are talking about speaks another language he could be saying anything

  17. Jon Southard says:

    We have ways to get to North Korea….it's time to surrender Kim Jong Un.

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