World War 3 (Official Trailer)


The universe Shattered Citadel turned into a trailer epic of its plot WW3 . My vision of what it would look like if it were ever made ​​into a movie . Note : I do …


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  1. V says:

    wat ahppened to indi aus and isrel

  2. TY so much for reading it.

  3. India and Australia have their own videos talking about their roles in the war. Just look it up. Israel fell to the HIE and what was left of the Jewish ppl fled to the EU or US and continued the fight.

  4. Banta Berets says:

    What movie is the part at 0:54 with the bombs? It's really cool. and where did you get the synthetic voice from? It sounds so much like the real deal!

  5. What do you mean, "before you die."

  6. The Omega Code 2: Megiddo.

  7. Banta Berets says:

    I watched both movies and i doesn't show that anywhere.

  8. Yah its in the end battle against Satan's forces when the USA, Mexico and China launch an all-out attack on him.

  9. WW III will be started by Illuminati-Zionists. Chinese will settle in U.S.A, Canada, Australia. Zionist-Illuminati-Jews will hide underground bunkers, while human race kills each other to death. Then when we all are dead, Zionist will come out of underground bunkers, start a new civilization. Elite will create a new "Trans-human". We all need to wake up, instead of hating each other. I already saw vision in my dream, that U.S.A government started human cloning secretly & let them live among us.

  10. V says:

    ths waiting is bad for health

  11. Haha, my official email is mangual76@gmail, hit me up there and also on my official facebook page for shattered citadel.

  12. Jang Jangov says:

    what is the song played?

  13. China won't invade USA unless USA invade China.

  14. Jay Cruz says:

    Human civil war??????????

  15. tdepinto says:

    It's funny these two are the first known World Wars because there were several "world wars" before that! The Crusades and Seven Years' War/French and Indian War to name two and I thought I remembered others too…

  16. Scary to realize this could actually happen very soon :|

  17. you know the invasion of poland started in 1939 not 1937

  18. Alex Munter says:

    Could u tell me some of the movies u used they look fun to watch

  19. la 3 guerra mundial solo durara unas horas..

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