World War 3 (On Christmas)


A brutal trailer for a Christmas Day during WW3 . Located in the civil war by the Third human Citadel Shattered Universe . SC VISIT ONLINE …


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  1. Halo4Lyf says:

    @Peacekeeper76 Actually, believe it or not, those kids are decent actors. I dunno. Nothing will ever replace the original Red Dawn in my heart, but it should be interesting to see if they manage to totally mangle the remake.

    Although, it should be noted that, from what I read, they just shifted the focus to the North Koreans. They were part of an invading coalition, of whom the Chinese and Russians were the core.

  2. Awesome these are my favorite videos

  3. Mexico's armed forces LONG LIVE MEXICO!! 1:11 – 1:24

  4. @TnTitan97 ty so much for watching them. check out my official website for mmre.

  5. amishmike1 says:

    Mexican armor??? LMAO This video is good though. Far better than what's on your website. Pure slop, my friend. Pure slop

  6. @amishmike1 lol, thanks for reading it anyways. what did you not like about it? be specific if possible because i can only get better through feedback.

  7. roarodon says:

    jTHis is freaking awesome!!!!

  8. roarodon says:

    ….. seriously? I love his vids.

  9. amishmike1 says:

    I just wish he had a little more realism. The scenario is a bit far fetched. Entertaining, Hell Yes.

  10. Thanks for even visiting the website. I am honored. Of course SC isnt everyone's cup of tea.

  11. amishmike1 says:

    I guess not, but I do like the overall premise of your site. I'm sorry if I came across a little arrogant, etc.

  12. Its okay, your comment was actually really tame from the usual "hate" mail I get sometimes. Ha.

  13. amishmike1 says:

    I can imagine how nasty they can get. lol I do like the premise, like I said, however. I'd love to hear more about how your site all came about, etc. Please feel free to drop a message onto my page

  14. roarodon says:

    hmm…. yeah they're not that realistic, but they are very entertaining.

  15. Christmas would be the darkest times of WW3

  16. hahahhaha world war 3 begin 25 october in xbox 360 and ps3

  17. thats my personal email. hit me up and i'll answer. 😀

  18. Thats exactly what I'm going for. Thank you gentlemen.

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