world war 3 or festival of love 2015,Northern Ireland.



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  1. TheAleXiis says:

    Like bro good video

  2. wonderful video !!!

  3. The title was right "World War 3" LOL
    Good fun in The Homeschooling Family as always.

  4. JimmyFungus says:

    they have mad dancing skills !

  5. Kevin Spratt says:

    that one girl's got some serious ninja skills going on there… watch out! :)

  6. thanks for subscribing.I have a glitch on my channel my sub button will not work.can you give it a couple of days.if still not working I will sub you from my second videos on it .but sub button working

  7. muy divertido y una familia muy bonita. Mi like :)

  8. Festival of LOVE for sure. Always spread loveHappy Halloween

  9. hi I just subscribed .thankyou for subscribing.thanks for helping me fix the problem it worked.happy halloween .look forward to watching your videos

  10. Ktm X says:

    Huhuhu super Destroying skills of Dance

  11. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes Bob.

  12. Cool Video ?….Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne
    ruhigen Sonntag.
    Liebe Grüße sendet Dir Evelina :)))

  13. nice video thanks friend all my kids are grown they grow up before you know it enjoy them wile there small

  14. one does it – all start doing it … same everywhere *lol … have fun

  15. Great video my friend.I enjoy it very much!!! Sifoutv Pottery

  16. i cant over how cute your accents are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Great video. Madi and watched it together.

  18. TheNewsRus says:

    they have the moves

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