World War 3 (Ostfront: CFR and the EU)


The Russian experiment with democracy fails and the CFR is born. Backed by China. The CFR expands outward, eying the E.U. and the former soviet states.


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  1. @heads49 Thats front mission 4.

  2. @heads49 also front mission 4.

  3. The Truth says:

    In soviet russia China help you!

  4. You sir are awesome. I LOL'd.

  5. wtf where the fuck is Canada, we are NOT the northern U.S.

  6. Canada is still around but it merged peacefully with the United States to help counter the Chinese Hegemony.

  7. the possibility of that happening is almost nill, work very close to you yes but merge into one country? i do not think so our peoples political and social values are very different.

  8. Circumstances change in 50 years. The US and Canada became closer with first a custom, then military union until the merger occurred spurred by the Second Great Depression and the rise of an aggressive strong China.

  9. wat happened to australia?

  10. I have an entire video all about Australia! Just search on youtube or my channel for WW3 (The Pacific Front), also I have the details on New Zealands war against the Hegemony on my website.

  11. mickopador says:

    Peacekeeper76, after the World War 3, would there be a Second Cold War?

  12. mickopador says:

    Peacekeeper76, I don't who is the new president of the newly-formed CFR, but who is he/she? Who is also the president of China during WWIII?

  13. The world gov formed after the war did engage in a cold war and two hot wars with the colonies that seceded.

  14. FlushedNoob says:

    So is the world gov that formed after the war based on democracy because the allies did win the war. So no big brother right?

  15. It was supposed to but by the wars end the war itself perverted the Allies and evil men replaced the government and they had their own agendas. The United States Earth Authority was a brutal world government that reigned for another 40 years after the war until it was eventually toppled and a true democratic world government was created, the United Systems of Earth. The time of WW3 and the totalitarian world government was known to history as the New Dark Age.

  16. Africa and europe would stay out of it.

  17. They try. They try, but a war this massive doesnt allow any to just sit on the sidelines.

  18. Popai Pappu says:

    hey, china cannot have such big robots´╗┐

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