World War 3 ( Part 7 Of 7 ) – Far Cry 3 – Map Editor


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  1. Brody Clarke says:

    Um world war 3 wouldnt be nuckuler because right now world war 3 is happening right before our eyes with Jordan and Sydney were I live just had a teraist attack and for no reason I mean there's bound to be a reason but no one knows 

  2. You call arrogant for our opinion but u sit there a say don't get me wrong duck u I'm telling my friends to unsubscribe I hope u have no subs and get kicked of YouTube and go poor and live on the streets u bich

  3. Bruh if people say there not going to be a ww3 that thir opinion

  4. and unrealent stop saying that we wont have a chance because you dont ether 

  5. Nathan Pls be quiet Cuz we are watching and Pls stop hating or get reported

  6. skull helsel says:

    Dude u r right about everything u said u need to be a smart person to live in this world and ur one of them. people are so crazy now its unbelievable back in like the 60-70s u felt safe to walk outside and leave ur doors unlocked now people are so crazy u dont feel safe to walk out the front door

  7. I will get tired up and stand my ground by Jake hughes

  8. April Albert says:

    how do u join and play

  9. Ian Cross says:

    Hey can you send me a friend request on Xbox its boots981 and no I don't have a microphone but I do want to play multiplayer 1v1 against you but if u don't want to you don't have too and did you helicopters in the air so it looks like reinforcements is coming

  10. Shawna Ferry says:

    Nathen shut the fuck up bich

  11. How to change the game mode to publish 

  12. I Will never sub to you, you scare your subs, soooooo… STOP TALKING ABOUT WW3

  13. ebony dunn says:

    Fallout 5 is going to be like world war 3

  14. ebony dunn says:


  15. You are the phcyo here. Scaring all your subs, mabye it is true and we get the message. But you don't have repeatsaying that everyone is going to die. Imquiteoaranoid as it is, and you just scared the life out of millions of people. Just focus on the map rather than repeatedly saying that we are all dead in a couple years!

  16. Evan Stewart says:

    Yeah that's right

  17. Evan Stewart says:

    Sry I like fee to bd

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