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The semite people are been used


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  1. Roger Wilco says:

    Five years later, and you're still wrong, Nostradamus.

  2. Why did you crossed out Bahrain it's still a perfect country

  3. So much idiocy first of all you didn't attack is you helped the Libya. Rebels

  4. A total incomplete knowledge..
    Pls grow up and educate urself with inside story between US policies and middle east agenda to seek the ultimate reality.. remember truth is always more powerfull as we'hd learned from our history…

  5. This is an incomplete and irrelevant presentation. You missed mentioning several countries that have not had uprisings, and you mischaracterize Bahrain "uprising" which is just a protest. You mislabel this as "WW3", nothing can be further from the truth. I contend that the concept of "nation state" when used to described the failed states is really misapplied, and irrelevant. So what if they fail? What are the consequences to other nations? Not much really. 

  6. deadp00l says:

    Wtf are you saying??? World War Ur Mum…

  7. @MrPoonhappy Were you aware of the Illuminati before Dan Brown's book?

  8. @MrPoonhappy The illuminati…

  9. Barabus69er says:

    This bloke is a borderline retard.

  10. Turkey and Pakistan were two more we're not in

  11. DJ1481 says:

    Stupid video!

  12. arieksk says:

    tell us more than geography of the mid east.. 

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