World War 3 Putin Knows Nuclear War Is Imminent


World War 3 Putin Knows Nuclear War Is Imminent Alex Jones shared a broadcast in the last 24 hours sharing Presidents Putin’s urgent plea to the World, that …


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  1. Bob Joha says:

    Today the very first nuke went off

  2. God bless you for bringing the important news!

  3. Bob Joha how you know that

  4. Robert B says:

    President Putin… straight arrow, stand up man… tells it like it is..

  5. Perry Froze says:

    Aliens are demons , seek a God Jesus !

  6. Just found your channel great job your doing here .It would be much better if you could possibly provide links to the site's you refer to .Shared with friends hope you get more views.

  7. Greg Hughey says:

    Why is obummer instigating ww3 with Putin?? God knows i hope it dosnt happen…

  8. This is very serious indeed! Just wondering what China's reaction would be. Intervene on a limited or all the way basis, just sitting back and watch or backstabbing Russia. The Chinese agenda is a puzzle to me right now.

  9. Gecko says:

    Yep Steve we are staring a Nuclear War in the face……….and that story from about what that Turkey coup attempt was all about is certainly different!
    And to all Russian and China knockers!!…………they have warned everyone for years….

  10. america is provoking a world war, because everyone knows the petrodollar has reached its dying days of death.. ww3 depopulation comes first and then comes global tyrannical government. smile everyone! it was nice knowing you all..

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