World War 3 : Russian Bear of Gog and Magog Fires Nuclear ICBM Warning Shot (Mar 04, 2014)


Source : News : Russia test- fires Intercontinental


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  1. All have sinned and greatly offended the Holy God of the Bible. The just punishment is death then Hell. That's not God's will. He loved you so much that He became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and suffered and died on the cross paying for the law guilty sinners like you and I broke in His life's blood. Now He can legally dismiss your case. You must repent turn from your sin and trust alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation.

  2. WHAT WOULD THEY AIM FOR? I personally think if they want to bring the us down one shot to Yellowstone would do cripple a nation..

  3. Hot Dam…..
    Russia Warning the piece a sewage sludge son of hell Obamanation!
    +John Smith Thanks for sharing had no clue

  4. Yea, Obama is making the US look weak to everybody, and from what this channel has put out, US forces Are weaker than ever. Man I hate Obama.

  5. Hmmm!  A "bit" provocative!!  Our world is On FIRE and we ain't seen NOTHIN yet!!!

  6. Remember who owns news networks… This may be propaganda?

  7. Greg Fulton says:

    Putin is trying to show the whole world how big his dick really is.

    Putin: "See that Obama? I got a four inch dick! I'm a BIG MAN!!!

  8. Brian Meers says:

    It starts. God be with us all

  9. rednaxula says:

    Putin and Obama DO NOT LIKE EACH OTHER!  Interesting that in scripture, the Antichrist is at one point "troubled" at tidings from the North!

  10. mumswording says:

    Amazing how all these events are happening as Israel is facing its 70th year as a nation. Not to mention the tetrads of lunar and solar eclipses happening on the feasts of The Lord. 

  11. WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Jesus is coming he died on the cross and rose again.Jesus promised to come back time is short he
     is not coming in another thousand years but in our generation.All biblical revelations are coming? true, 
    and go down to the one that says FINAL EVENTS OF BIBLE PROPHECY.Jesus loves you amen. 

  12. It's so hard to know what to believe anymore. But, there is one thing I believe and that is "Get right with God. You never know when your time will run out. This is your soul and eternity, we're talking about. Choose quickly, for only God knows when the end will come. Choose Christ today!" Please!

  13. amhater says:

    Well, obama did say 2014 was going to be a year of action…..

  14. John Edge says:

    U.S. Returns the favor by showing our laser Tech. I.c.b.m.s. will no longer pose a threat.

  15. the Americans!!! don't stick your neck to our land, and you will not damage!!!! YOU DO NOT LOVE THE WHOLE WORLD, WHY????????

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