WORLD WAR 3: Russian Tanks In Syria As West Use Refugee Crisis To Justify War


Russia has placed seven tanks at an airfield where Syria was building defenses , American officials say . One of the officials , who spoke …


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  1. Lord help us all……Help……….Help………..Help…………

  2. es47112 says:

    Thanks Kev.. from Eric in Indiana

  3. Samir Sokoli says:

    just picture no video USA is like Russia same thing they will attack Europe is satanic society ol around world.

  4. US has a secret evacuation plan to Australia and Brazil. Will works?

  5. the world war , is necesary , because, usa, need , death

  6. Jivo Jelev says:

    Russia ask to join in Nato but for me nato is shame..

  7. Joco Hamu says:

    Somebody tell me, if Assad gone what happen in Syria? Yes he is a dictator, everybody knows but the last few decade that wasn't an issue in West…(and what about the other dictators around on Earth – North Korea, lots of African country, etc…)
    Saddam gone – Iraq in civil war+lots of terror cell grown, Gaddafi gone – Libia in civil war lots of terror cell grown. What is the plan with Syria? Civil war and Chaos………….for what purpose?

  8. BIGboy says:

    to the Russian people i salute you I'm English and i wish my stupid limp wristed government would grow some balls and do the same. Thankyou Russia for having guts and sticking up for your own people. If i ever meet Mr putin ill buy his beer

  9. Now it will be ISIS vs Russia

  10. Will anything happen sept23-28

    Is this to escalate a nuke?


    Warmongers Fuk u

  11. Everyone stop buying American products

  12. Nindže MC says:

    USA will not STOP and whatever hapens with their land and citizens it will be good deserved becouse their foreighn politics …..
    I only wonder about Europe suport to USA … Soon we can sow some serious changes becouse people will not lost buisnes with east and give their lives for NOTHING.

  13. Guys I am Russian, world war awaits us all! Because Ukraine is a continuation of fascism! Unfortunately the Us and Europe supports the regime Poroshenko. It's not right. Fascism should not be supported! Therefore, I believe that Russia must defeat fascism in 1945, and in 2015. No to fascism

  14. Это угроза всему миру и мы русские солдаты должны победить террористов! Америка не может этого сделать!

  15. This is a threat to the world and Russian soldiers we must defeat the terrorists! America can't do it!

  16. Bluskystar says:

    n ww o No flights ?russa protects airfield syra please don't hit planes.

  17. im american. and i salute russia. one of the soviet badass now being heroic. well done :)

  18. Noble Nabil says:

    USA did no thing but boosting up ISIS strength, They did no thing whatsoever when ISIS entered Mosul!, they started their air strikes only when Irbel (the Kurdish city) almost got invaded by ISIS!, just because the Kurdish region is the little safe haven of the Israeli Mosad

  19. who's to blame…USA. FOR ARMING syrian revels including isis

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