World War 3 – Scenario 1 [Alternate Future] The Road to World War 3


After the treaty of Mariupol in Ukraine and the conflicts that shaped the world in 2019, a new global conflict is about to begin. This is one of the scenario …


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  1. Jon521 says:

    This reminds me of that WW2 Everyday Video, you made.

  2. OmegaMapping says:

    Wow, I'm speechless that is amazing! Keep going :)

  3. niofalpha says:

    … So Romania decided to invade Russia? K… Makes sense….

  4. Hetzer says:

    Interesting video, although this wildly over estimates the ability of Russia/China being able to project force competently. Russia isn't the soviet bear it was in the 80s.

  5. For the 2nd scenario, I propose a start in Syria : Bashar Al-Assad use for the second time chemical weapon on his people : USA launch an spectacular airstrike on his territories, but that's kill some sovie…russians soldiers, and Russia send an ultimatum to USA, asking to withdraw all their armies of Syria. USA decline it. Russia declare war to USA. And that's a really good video !

  6. Guildou says:

    This video is cool with all the colours changing.
    But the scenario isn't realistic at all. Imo nowadays Turkey alone could resist Russia… so a Russian conquest of western Europe ? lol
    Also, why China would care about an expansion of Russia ? Chinese interests aren't a global war.
    And how USA could be invaded by Russia ?

  7. troorl says:

    You need to learn few things about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia before making such a stupid video.

  8. MrMapperIL says:

    Are there going to be any other Scenarios?
    Cuz, I aint no settler.

  9. That wouldn't work, the US is uninvadable, especially the mainland. There are so many armed civilians that it would basically be brutal fighting, house to house, street to street, and even when you capture land, there is intense guerilla warfare still. No combination of countries on Earth could invade the US, and Russia would get outnumbered and decimated when invading Europe.

  10. OwnageCubed says:

    While I do think Russia could hold off NATO for a decent amount of time, I don't think they could hold them off, and beat them 2 years. Good video though.

  11. It was awesome. I hope you extent it out to the aftermath.

  12. Dj GameDR says:

    If you want massive fast blitzkriegs put speed on 1.5

  13. Holy shit, amazing! You just earned a subscriber!

  14. Militarist says:

    Also, TheTerrorByte, don't you mind if I'll use this video as an inspiration for my little "story". That video gave me some fresh ideas, but w/o your permission I don't want to use 'em.

  15. 2:45 RIP my home… Fell to the commies… Great vid.

  16. Awesome Man! Pls Scenario 2

  17. This is some Red Dawn type of stuff, except for the part where central american nations fight against America.
    Anyways, way better than other ww3 videos on youtube

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